6 Signs He's Just Not That Into You

There are often ways guys will signal to a girl that he is not interested. And more often than not, girls are too love blind to see the signals. There comes a time that the situation will get so confusing that the girl ends up not knowing what to do and end up here, reading articles about their situation.

Not to worry! I've been in one of those situations before and I'm here to alleviate any reader of any boy curiosities. Here are the six signs that he is not that into you.

1. Left on read

Being left on 'read' may just be one of the most obvious signals, but its something that girls just seem to miss. Being left on read is an easy way for a guy to tell the girl that he doesn't want to talk. That you are not worth their time. Trust me, if this boy was interested he would message you back as soon as you sent the message.

2. Doesn't engage in a conversation

If you end up putting more effort and time into a conversation while he doesn't, it's not worth it! The situation may be something such as being out for lunch and he is on his phone the whole time that you are eating. He apparently must have something else much more important on his cell phone than listening to you speak.

3. He's a no-show

No-show is just a slang term for someone who ends up bailing every time you decide to meet up. He either tells you he isn't going to be able to make it because something came up, or he doesn't tell you at all and ends up having you wait at the location. The exception is if he tells you he's sorry he won't be able to make it and asks to re-schedule for another day in the week. If you are hoping for a relationship, you may want to schedule something in the daytime.

4. Gives excuses 99% of the time

People who give excuses simply feel like doing something else sounds more fun than spending time with you. It's either that, or he is too busy all 24 hours in a day. Don't fall for his tricks. You don't need a jokester in your life.

5. Hits you up with the 'WYD' at midnight

If you're trying to get a relationship with this guy, and he hits you up at midnight, it just indicates that he wants one thing only (and it's not a relationship). When a guy hits up a girl at midnight, he is looking for a booty call. This is an obvious one but thought I'd still put it in this list.

6. Doesn't send the first message

If he isn't sending that first message to start a conversation or a phone call, then he is simply not thinking about you. When a guy is interested, he will do almost anything to try to talk to you, even if it's over a simple text message.

I hope that this helps you in any boy troubles. Remember to not settle for less. Because you are worth way more than you know it!

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