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5 Signs That Your Adorable New Puppy Is Not Actually A Puppy And Is Instead An Alien Planning To Destroy The Entire Human Race

You just never know these days.


Congratulations! You just got a new puppy, and hopefully, you will be able to cherish your newfound furry friend for many years to come as the two of you create memories that you will never forget. But, let's be honest. Your new puppy might not even be a puppy at all. In fact, it might not even be originally from this planet. Here are five signs that your adorable new puppy is not actually a puppy and is instead an alien planning to destroy the entire human race.

1. Your puppy has a strong interest in science fiction films


If your puppy has a bizarre interest in films of the sci-fi genre, then you may want to investigate whether there is more to the puppy than meets the eye. If the second you turn on a movie such as "Independence Day" or "War of the Worlds," the puppy suddenly races over to the television set and its eyes glaze over as it gets lost in images of humanity's desperate struggle against a far more technologically advanced alien race, then I hate to say it, but your new friend might be more than just a cute little puppy.

2. Your puppy prefers talking instead of barking


Generally speaking, puppies tend to rely on barking as their primary form of communication, as the majority of them are unable to form actual words or sentences. Therefore, if you are able to have legitimate conversations with the puppy due to the fact that the puppy can talk, then you should take this as another sign that there may in fact be something else going on. I mean sure, it is pretty cool to have an actual conversation with your dog, but that's just the thing. If you can actually do this, then it might not even be a dog after all.

3. Your puppy crash landed here on a flying vehicle


There are a lot of ways that one can acquire an adorable new puppy. Maybe a dog you already owned gave birth, maybe you bought it from a breeder, or maybe you rescued it from the pound. However, a strange flying vehicle unlike anything you've ever seen before crash landing on your lawn with a "puppy" inside of it is not one of the traditional methods of getting a new dog. So, if your puppy was brought to you in a similar fashion, concealed within a flying object that cannot possibly be from this world, well then.... yeah. You get the idea.

4. You overheard your puppy discussing its plans to destroy the Earth


If you walked into a room in your home and accidentally stumbled upon your new puppy using some sort of otherworldly communication device as it communicates with its alien overlords about how the mission is a go and everything is going according to plan, then I'm really sorry to say it, but your puppy is probably trying to destroy us all. Maybe not, because of course you never know, but it just might be time to start preparing for an alien invasion.

5. Your puppy has strange features that most puppies do not seem to have


You're probably pretty familiar with what a puppy generally can and cannot do, so if the puppy has strange abilities that you're pretty sure most other puppies do not have, then you're probably right, because that is probably not a puppy at all. For example, if the puppy has super strength and can lift up an entire car with just its paws, laser eyes that can shoot through any surface, or the power to teleport from one place to another, then I'm telling you, that "puppy" that you love so much and can't stop posting about on Instagram, is probably an alien in disguise planning to exterminate you.

I really hate to have to break the news to you like this, but if you've been noticing these signs in your precious little ball of fur, then it might be time to come to terms with the fact that humanity's downfall may, in fact, begin at your very doorstep. The precious little puppy who you hoped would be one of your best friends for many years may have actually been gathering intelligence about life on Earth this entire time and may now be preparing to summon a massive extraterrestrial fleet and wipe out all of humanity. It's hard to accept, I know, but it's just one of those things you have to deal with sometimes.

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