Every person has that one friend that you absolutely love to death, but you know they have terrible taste in something, whether it is clothes, hairstyles, or maybe even music. Well, I'm no exception to this because I have an absolutely wonderful and beautiful best friend, but she has terrible taste in men. I don't understand how it happens really. She's a super successful and driven woman that has great hair, a great job, and a great personality. She's the ultimate catch in my opinion, but she attracts and dates the sketchiest guys you can imagine. In being a BF (aka best friend), it's your duty and right to step in and tell the truth when she sends something about him in the girlfriend's group chat. I have compiled a mini list of red flags from being in this BF position, so if your man shows a few of these, well he ain't is sis!

1. Weird Social Media Posts

Check his past and current social media for things that aren't normal. For example, if he posts multiple videos of him singing (and they're cringe-worthy), if he posts himself licking his lips while standing in bright light, or if he posts hundreds of thirst trap gym selfies with captions like "Flexin' on ya :-P" it might be time to swipe left.

2. Irresponsible Behavior                                                                                                        

If your whole friend group and plus ones go for a night out, but he's the only person to get completely hammered, unable to walk or stand up alone without your help, take caution. I'm not talking about it being like once every blue moon because we all have those nights. I'm talking about every single time alcohol is even remotely involved, he gets blackout. Girl, you aren't his momma, so there's no need for you to act like it.

3. Disrespectful to Family or Friends

Living in the South, I was constantly drilled about respect (the whole nine yards of ma'am and sir). If your new man meets your family or friends, and it doesn't go well, take this as a caution. These people have spent a lifetime with you, so they deserve to be treated with respect and recognition as an important figure in your life. They have your best interest. Normally, someone who is interested in getting the family to like him is a good sign that they are into you. If he doesn't care about something that important, he may just be using you.

4. Too Needy

A relationship should be an equal opportunity for growth from the beginning. If your prospect is already too needy, to the point where he is entirely dependent on you to save him, to support him (financially), or to complete him, this is a big red flag. A partner is supposed to complement your qualities and personality-not drain you to the point where you're in a 20/80 relationship.

5. Can’t Be Your True Self

In my opinion, this is the most important thing. Being in a relationship where you can be yourself 100% of the time is best. If you catch yourself dimming your personality switch or staying out of the spotlight because it isn't what your man wants, it's time to cut it off. You can't walk on eggshells for the rest of your life.

In conclusion, use your own judgment and be confident. You create the life you live, and your story is written and directed by the decisions you make. This list was created to make you think about things that you can be blinded by when you first get in the puppy love stage. Don't let anyone stick around that shouldn't and don't be afraid to just be single and love yourself first. You are amazing in your own way. You should never accept anything less than what you deserve, no matter how hot or charming he is. An unknown author once wrote, "If you're searching for one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror". Amen to that.