There is nothing worse than the guy of your "dreams" wasting your time.

I don't care if he is the cutest guy in school, If he makes you feel like you're not good enough or like you have to compete for his time and attention, hold your head high and walk right out that door. Not one girl deserves to be treated poorly when all she wants is someone to love.

Here are 5 things guys do that are an absolute red flag. If your mans does this, move right along.

 1. He lies to you about something small 

White lies, white lies. Is there anything worse? Being lied to without any reason about something as small as what they ate for dinner last night is strike one. If he is going to lie about something that really doesn't matter, I can guarantee you he's lying about a whole lot more than that.

2. He purposefully takes hours to respond and constantly leaves you on read 

Taking hours to respond when you know they're on their phone sucks, but being left on read over and over again is a slap in the face. He's playing games and us girls don't play. A guy should never have you sitting around staring at the screen waiting for a response, never.

 3. He only hits you up past 11:00 pm 

Trust me girl, if he isn't hitting you up until it's night time he Is not one to keep around. His intentions are nothing but bad news.

 4.   He doesn’t treat his Momma with respect 

Everyone knows that the man you want to marry should know how to treat his mother and a women. Disrespect isn't an option around here.

5. He has a long list of crazy exes 

Exes will always be a hurdle we've got to cross but crazy exes are something else. Just know that if his ex is crazy he did something to make them feel like they have to act that way.

Not all guys are bad, there are always gems in the sea. But if these signs occur just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Everything takes time!