How You Know You're An English Major And WANT To Teach
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9 Signs You’re An Education AND English Major

You get really excited when buying new supplies...

9 Signs You’re An Education AND English Major

I believe one of the best professions is being an Educator, it is also one of the most underrated professions. As a Elementary Education and English double major, I feel it is one of the most rewarding professions! Witnessing the students' enthusiasm as they learn is very fulfilling.

Your organizational skills must be exceptional

Being organized allows you to be more efficient, and thereby allows you to be more productive.

Your demeanor should be calm and soothing

As a teacher, it's imperative to be patient with your students; having a calm attitude and atmosphere will allow the students to feel relaxed and eager to learn.

Your tendency to correct others grammar is obvious

Teachers always want to see their students succeed. English teachers are big on grammar and reinforce to their young students early on the difference between 'your' and 'you're', 'there,' 'their,' and 'they're,' 'affect,' and effect,' etc.

You get really excited when buying new supplies

It is very exciting preparing for a new school year. Buying new school supplies, selecting books for the students to read, and decorating the classroom are all very exhilarating.

Your textbooks break the bank

We all know textbooks can get expensive. English courses require what is called "The Norton Anthology" which can consist of 3+ books, racking up the cost significantly! Not to mention all the Education textbooks about psychology, etc.

And your backpack breaks your back

Not only are textbooks expensive, they weigh A TON too!

Pinterest is your best friend

Who said teachers don't get inspired by other teachers?! Pinterest is a great way to gain inspiration from others and adjust lessons to your own liking!

You are used to dealing with ‘blocks’

I'm not referring to block scheduling, although, in the Education world, that is common. When I say 'blocks' I am referring to teacher's and writer's block. It is challenging to continually invent new ideas and ways to teach and inspire your students to learn.

You relate everything to symbols

In the world of literature, English teachers connect everything to symbolism. Every book is analyzed and connected to real-life situations.

I am beyond excited because in just two short weeks, I will begin my "Field Work" at Rider where I will be assigned a local school and grade where I can focus on my Elementary major, Middle School minor and concentration in English!

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