10 Things That Happen When You Start Dating A Firefighter
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10 Things That Happen When You Start Dating A Firefighter

8. You learn to accept that they may have to leave any date to go on a call.

10 Things That Happen When You Start Dating A Firefighter
When I met my boyfriend and he told me that he was going through fire school, I never knew how much dedication being a firefighter would require- or how much I would be a part of it.

​1. You constantly worry, even when they're right next to you...


The constant worry is enough to make you go crazy.

2. You stop worrying about cheating when they don't answer their phone...

It's a whole different kind of fear, you worry that they're somewhere on fire. When he finally answers his phone and tells you he fell asleep (which is usually the case) you'll kick yourself for thinking the worst.

3. Nap dates become a thing.


He rarely ever gets any sleep, so that's all he'll want to do, even if he wants to be with you. Let him, he needs it.

4. You become their confidante, if you're lucky.


It's hard to get them to open up, and he can't tell you everything. Respect this, don't pry, and listen.

5. You meet more people from the relationship than in your whole life, by far.


You'll know (and be forced to meet) everyone on their department and others. Hopefully you're good with first impressions.

6. You become part of a huge, dysfunctional family, if they like you.


7. You begin to notice the different types of sirens.


Believe it or not, they're not the same. It won't take long.

8. You learn to accept that they may have to leave any date to go on a call.


It might upset you, but you have to remember that if he didn't go, someone could get hurt or die. Not always, but know he has other commitments besides a silly date that can be made up.

9. You’ll have to live with the fact that firefighting movies will be on your most watched list.


I've seen Ladder 49 far too many times to be considered sane.

10. You learn a different kind of love.

One based on someone's soul and dedication, one that you'll never forget. It's a love unlike any other, if you're mature and ready enough to handle it.

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