As the plague itself hits Coastal Carolina University, I felt compelled to express to those unknowing how awful it is to be even a little bit sick in college. I write to you from the library- surprisingly the first public place I've been able to get myself to today due to my current state. I am sniffly and sore, aching in places that have never hurt before. I have an unbelievably killer headache and the back of my throat feels like Satan has kindly lit it on fire. I am fatigued and dramatic- but stick nonetheless.

Being sick away at college is something that I never actually prepared for. I guess I just didn't really think that it would happen to me despite my shot immune system and constant run down state. I sure was not prepared my freshman year to visit the emergency room 4+ times, but you win some and you lose some, am I right? As someone who is almost 900 miles away from home, being sick is barely even an option for me, yet here I am having come down with this stupid virus that's going around CCU, just like everyone else.

You don't really realize how bad it is to be sick away at school until you really, REALLY need a water bottle or chicken soup and nobody is there to make it for you. Or maybe you yak on the way to the bathroom but don't quite make it- who's cleaning that up? Your sick little self, you. Or even when you need someone to complain to about how sore you are and how you hate life and how you hate people who get other people sick and what other irrational nonsense may be spewing out of your mouth (alongside puke, sorry I'm gross) unless you have good roomies like I do, you're outta luck pal.

I took for granted the amount of times my mum picked up my prescriptions while I was sick. If I am borderline succumbing to my illness I do not want to drive myself to Walgreens to pick up my antibiotics, no offense. When you're sick you don't want to do anything and then all of a sudden you go to college and your allergies spark up a little and all of a sudden you realize that you don't own tissues and paper towels just aren't cutting it so you have to haul yourself to Walmart or wherever and get yourself a box of tissues.

Being sick in college always seems to be a bigger deal than it really is. Like, I could really only have a sore throat but in my mind it is strep and there is no way anyone will tell me otherwise. The only real way to avoid this issue is to never leave the comfort of your bedroom, and that's if you have a single. Otherwise, you're probably screwed. Good luck!