Being sick in college is no joke. There is way too much to be done. I had no idea what kind of toll it would have. To help keep up my positive attitude, I enlisted the help of Leslie Knope.

1. The realization.

You wake up for your 8 A.M. class and you feel like you've been hit by a truck. Getting up this early is hard enough, let alone when you feel like garbage.

2. The panic.

You can't be sick. You can't miss class. There is just TOO MUCH GOING ON. Attendance is mandatory for half of your classes... you think? You can't remember.

All you know is you have two big projects coming up and a quiz you aren't prepared for. You just cannot miss class. This cannot be happening right now.

3. The sleep.

Eh. It's one class. If you're really not feeling that great, it's okay to miss. It's not the end of the world. You'll just email your professor after you sleep for the next hour...two hours...three hours...

4. Calling Mom.

The only person who will know exactly what to do: Mom. She knows how to take care of you. Maybe she can give some advice.

Whatever that advice may be, you're more than likely going to follow it 100% because she's your mom, and you're hopeless and desperate for help at college.

5. The Wellness Center visit.

This whole time you have been hoping and praying that you are not sick and this is just allergies or something you ate last night. Your mom convinced you to go get checked out by a doctor "just in case".

When the doctor tells you that you're sick, you still can't believe it. This is the last thing you wanted. This is probably the last thing your roommate wanted, too.

6. Accepting defeat.

It's time to go get the cold medicine, the tissues, and the soup. You're staying in your dorm until this blows over. You feel awful, but maybe this is a chance to catch up on sleep, homework, and binge-watching.

7. Emailing all of your professors.

This is the long part. You need to email each one of your professors that you aren't going to make it to class, especially the ones that count attendance into your grade.

Explaining what is going on, asking questions, and making sure you don't miss what lesson is happening, is a lot to keep track of.

8. The relaxation.

You finally find yourself in pajamas under your fluffy comforter, watching Netflix with a mouthful of chicken soup you microwaved.

If only you could live like this every day at college.