This is my first time really being away from home and it has been nothing but a plethora of learning experiences. I'm slowly learning how to adult and I can tell you that it is not the easiest thing in the world. Getting sick has to be one of the worst things ever and on top of that, being basically on your own makes it harder.

Here are the reasons why cough medicine, tissues, and being in your dorm bed sucks more than if you were sick at home:

1. Not having your mom

She's there when we truly don't deserve her but she's the one that will take care of us. She makes the best soups and teas that cure us better than any kind of medicine will.

2. Getting your roomies sick

Being in a small, enclosed room makes it easy for germs to spread. As much as you try to be careful, you and your roommates are very prone to getting one another sick.

3. Letting your stubbornness get the best of you

I have been sick for the last THREE weeks and I thought I was fine to not see a doctor after I started feeling remotely better. Everyone was telling me to go to the doctor and I refused until I felt like I was getting worse. So when I did, I found out I had bronchitis. So go to the doctor and get your flu shot.

4. Schoolwork seems like a harder task

All you want to do is be in bed until you get better. I haven't attended a few lectures in the last 3 weeks just because of how sick I have felt. It is hard trying to go to class, do homework, and study when you feel like death. I've never taken so many naps because of how drowsy my medications make me feel.

5. You can't go out and FOMO is real

It sucks when all your friends are going to parties on the weekend but you need to take care of yourself. Also not going out allows you to work on your schoolwork and not get others sick.

6. Feeling too lazy

Being sick when you aren't at home means you get lazier to do things since you don't really have your parents or siblings to get you food or water. Yeah, you can ask your roommates but you don't wanna bother them. Just get up and get what you need because you need to make sure there's something in your body to help you get better.