If you have a sibling, they are the first friend that you will ever have. Even if you fight most of the time, they will still be your best friend. We look to each other for advice about everything. Maybe you are an only child, but you could have friends that are like your sisters and brothers. It is a blessing to have someone whom you look up to, no matter if they are older or younger, we look up to each other for everything and anything.

Fighting is a part of growing up with siblings, whether they are brothers and sisters, sisters, or brothers. Of course, we have our better days, but we get over it. I have a sister and we have definitely had some bad days, sometimes to the point where we wouldn’t talk for a while. We always figured it out and talked to each other after a while. All siblings fight, they get over it and we act like we were never fighting in the first place. We are best friends; we always will be there for each other.

Another thing is siblings are protective over each other. We can pick on our siblings as much as we want, but as soon as someone else does, they are going down. Siblings look out for each other and we take care of one another, even when we fight. There’s just something about when someone talks about your sibling that just ignites a fire inside of you and immediately makes us mad. It is our protective instincts; to protect the people that we love, no matter what. They will do the same for us, whether they are our little siblings or not.

All siblings are different; we mean well to each other. Each of us want what is best for our siblings. We will protect each other with our lives. Our siblings are our first friends. They care for each other, have fun like best friends, and will give up anything to make sure that each other is okay and safe. We are always there for one another, no matter what the cost, if there is a cost at all.