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A Letter to My Flawed Brother Who Is On His Road To Recovery

If I didn't love you, I would be lost too. I found my calling and purpose in life because of you and I'm thankful for that!

A Letter to My Flawed Brother Who Is On His Road To Recovery
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As a small backstory, my brother and I have been close since I re-entered my family at 10 days old. He fought my mom in trying to get me back and eventually did. Growing up with my mom and my grandfather was difficult because addiction is heavily a part of that side of the family. His father had left him and so he saw many options. He joined in on the substance abuse and eventually had a full-blown addiction that has lasted almost 20 years. As a way of trying to get help, he has been through AA multiple times and has been through the system multiple times. His criminal record ranges with drug-related offenses.

Since this all started, he found himself with four children with 2 women. These unhealthy relationships didn't help him stay clean and eventually, he was on the streets homeless. He walked the highway to my house at one point with no money, no food and no water. Since then, he had been arrested and been put through the system again. He now has about 450 days sober and working to only go up from there. He has included his first two kids in his recovery and he is working to incorporate the other two as well.

Dear Joshua,

It shouldn't come as a surprise that my life started to change as soon as you entered it. Just 10 days old and you beckoned me back into a family I was about to leave behind and to this day, I thank you for it. Through all the trials you endured in life, I like to believe that helping to raise me is one of the bigger accomplishments that you've had. I am who I am today because of you and the way you raised me. If it weren't for your shortcomings and the fact that you have your flaws, I would be stuck trying to find a purpose in life still. I wouldn't know that being an Addictions Counselor is my life goal without you.

It's my life's wish that you can retain your sobriety. It is the most important thing to me that you are able to work the program and be able to do better than you were. It takes a lot of effort for this kind of change and so many reminders of the things you give up or lose out on when you aren't. Thank you for writing to mom. Thank you for knowing I would find you! I'm so happy you knew that I would search for you! It makes me happy that you realize that even though I make it hard, you can still find a way to be sober and safe with me!


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