9 Phases Of Seeing Your Sibling In Your Clothes

My little sister and I are four years apart, which is the perfect amount of time for her to be able to fit into all of my clothes. Sadly, for me, leaving many of my clothes at home while I have limited college space at college allows her to freely roam and use as she pleases.

Since I know that this isn't just a me thing, because little sisters are everywhere, here are the nine phases of your sister stealing your clothes that you've definitely experienced before.

1. "That's a cute shirt, where did she get it?"


She posts on Instagram wearing a really cute top, but wait... where have you seen that before?

2. "Wait, that's MY shirt. She got it from MY closet."


This is the realization that she, in fact, took that top from your closet at home.

That's your top.

No wonder you liked it, you BOUGHT it.

3. "Are you kidding me?"


You make a sarcastic comment on the post. Trying to remain calm while allowing the public to know that you DO in fact have good fashion sense because your little sister felt the need to steal it.

4. "I'm buying a lock."


You think about all the times you haven't seen a post in your clothes and wonder how many times before this she also took your clothes and now they're in her closet. You start to think of ways to keep your clothes safe while you're away.

5. "Stay out of my closet."


You message her the threatening message that you always do, knowing it's not going to help. Mostly, this is the realization that when you're home you could just steal yours back, along with some of hers.

6. "Mom, Dad, tell her to stay out of my closet."


Since you know your personal message won't work, you have to get the parents involved.

7. "You better wash that and put it back."


You then go back to the messages between you and her and threaten that it better be back in your closet when you get home, properly washed and nicely hung.

Or. Else.

8. "Why is she pulling it off better than me?"


You start to realize she is pulling off that top better than you can even wish you could and start to wonder why she was the blessed one.

9. "You know what, just keep it."


You accept your defeat that you won't be able to keep her out of your closet and the only clothes safe are the ones that you keep your eye on and that leave the house with you.

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