28 Shows That Netflix Should Acquire In 2019
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28 Shows That Netflix Should Acquire In 2019

The place where Scooby Doo, Cloud 9, Jack Donaghy, The Johnsons/Butlers, and many others, should also call home.

28 Shows That Netflix Should Acquire In 2019

A new year has come. So has a new month. For Netflix, that means one thing. Time to add and remove. Many know the streaming service for taking away various user's favorite shows and movies along with adding some. This has even caused them to start using other streaming services to catch up on the titles that are not on there or have been removed. Here are 28 shows Netflix should acquire in 2019.

1. The Neighborhood

In it's freshmen season, the sitcom has shown that ratings have been no issue yet. It's all star cast only makes things bigger. The cast includes Beth Behrs, Max Greenfield, and Cedric The Entertainer. It revloves around a caucasian family from Michgian that moves to an a dominant African American neighborhood in Los Angeles. It also shows the bonding of two different families, who don't fail to tell their sterotypical jokes. Having this on Netflix, will help build an audience and might even help increase vieweship in the future.

2. Superstore

From Creator Justin Spitzer, comes a workplace comedy that follows the lives of those stereotypical characters, working at Cloud 9, a retailer that many might consider a paraody of both Target or Walmart . In it's fourth season on NBC, "Superstore" has only continued to become more borderline each episode. It's stomach kicking jokes, fearless charatcers, and content, will only want viewers asking for more. If your a fan of "The Office", then you should add "Superstore" to your must watch list.

3. What's New Scooby Doo

Currently, none of the Scooby Doo cartoons are on Netflix. If "What's New Scooby Doo" was on there, it wouldn't just please 90's kids who grew up watching Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby, it would also give them the chance to jam once again to the theme song performed by Simple Plan.

4. Seinfeld

It is one of the funniest and most syndicated comedies in history and on TV. Having "Senifeld" on Netlfix, would only continue to help the sitcom live on. Dozens would still continue to tune in and some might even start binging it. It might even attract a whole new generation.

5. Two and a Half Men 

One of the longest running comedies of the 2000's, still lives on with other shows in syndication. The comedy concluded on CBS in early 2015, after 12 seasons. Having this on Netflix, would give fans another exuse to see Charlie, Alan, Jake, and Walden again.

6. 8 Simple Rules

If you were alive during the 70's or 80's, you would reconize him as Jack Tripper on "Three's Company." Then he was temporarily a father on " 8 Simple Rules". Sadly, that role didn't last long due to his sudden 2003 death. Known as the sitcom where John Ritter spent his final days, "8 Simple Rules" was that teenage comedy many could relate to. Although the Henessy's were seen in syndication, it's been years since audiences last saw them.

7. Joey

When one door closes, another one opens. It doesn't always stay open though. In 2004, when "Friends" finished, Joey Tribianni got his own spinoff series. While many were happy to see a Friends character on the small screen again and pursuing his dream, his spinoff wasn't as big of a hit. It eventually ended up getting cancelled. Having "Joey" on Netflix, would give "Friends" fans a chance to binge what they were too young to see or never saw.

8. The Conners

The show must go on. Fans went crazy last year when "Rosanne" was revived. As adults always tells children "watch what you post on social media kids", it wasn't long before Rosanne Barr crossed that boundary line, leaving ABC to cancel her show. Despite it's cancellation, changes were made and a spinoff was picked up. Having it on Netflix, will allow people to watch The Conner family more and even attract more viewers.

9. The Big Bang Theory

After 12 seasons, Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Amy, will soon say good bye. "The Big Bang Theory" still remains highly rated and doesn't fail at achieving high viewrship each week. While it will continue to live on in syndication once it ends, Having it on Netlfix will only add on to that.

10. 30 Rock

Like various shows, "30 Rock" was once on the streaming service. And then it left. The beloved former NBC comedy starring Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, and Jack Mcbrayer, was a hit for many years and always left viewers laughing. Putting it back on Netflix, will only keep more people laughing and Jack Donaghy saying "Lemon".

11. Scrubs

This year will mark a decade since the sitcom transitioned from the Peacock Network to the Alphabet one. Although it wasn't as successful, fans still tuned in to watch JD and the gang. "Scrubs" was another show that was on Netlfix temporarily. It was only a matter of time before it was removed.

12. My Name Is Earl

It might not have lasted as long as other comedies on the same night however, "My Name Is "Earl did last long enough for it to be syndicated. Audiences might not have seen it on a network in a while and being on another streaming platform, can only help it.

13. Hope and Faith

She did more then just co-host a talk show and balance a family. From the early to mid 2000's, Kelly Ripa starred along side Faith Ford in "Hope and Faith". The comedy of two sister's living together and dealing with each other. While it didn't last long, it was a Friday night hit for a while. Sadly, it has not been present in syndication in quite some time. This only gives Netflix another excuse to aquire it.

14. Will and Grace

Years later, people are still tuning into "Will and Grace". The comedy was rebooted on NBC last year. While it might not have the ratings it had during it's first run, it still has the characters that everyone loves.

15. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson(reruns)

"Here comes Johnny." For 30 years, once 11:30pm arrived, it was what everyone tuned into. Before Jimmy Fallon was enteraining people with his skits and Jay Leno was telling his jokes, it was Johnny Carson who all eyes were on. In May 1992, 55 million people tuned into his farwell show when he recited the famous quote "I bid you all a heartfelt night." Having reruns on Netflix would give those who weren't alive, a chance to see what they missed out on. This would also give everyone who grew up watching the comedian, an opportunity to see all the laughs again and rewatch full episodes.

16. Ellen 

Before she was dancing, interviewing celebrities, and making people's days, the talk show host had her own prime time sitcom with the same name. It was also the show where Degeneres was known for having a character that came out in one episode, which was not popular in the 90's. Brining this to a streaming service will give fans, the chance to see the comedian in action, before she became a daytime talk show host

17. Brooklyn Nine Nine

After being cancelled by Fox last year, Detective Jake Peralta and his colleagues found a new home at NBC. Despite the new season premering in less then a week, it's never too late to start binging. Just make sure you DVR the new episdoes

18. The Bachelor and Bachelorette

Abs, pecs, bikinis, jacuzzi's, kissing, and roses, are all things seen on both "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette". Having previous seasons of them on Netflix, would allow fans to see and rewatch where it all began and went down for people who starred on both of them. As Chris Harrison has been saying "This is the most dramatic season yet."

19. A Million Little Things

Since it debuted on ABC in October, people have been going crazy for "A Million Little Things." It's another drama that's been brining viewers to tears. It's also been teaching viewers to enjoy the moments in life because you never know when the unexpected will hit you.

20. This Is Us 

It became a ground breaking hit when it debuted on NBC in 2016. Two years later, "This Is Us" is still TV's highest rated show. Despite it's ratings dropping over the past two years, the drama appears it will be sticking aorund for many years to come. Surprsingly, "This Is Us" has not made it's way onto Netflix yet. With high viewership and many wanting to binge it, It should come no suprise when it does. This upcomming year, might just be when it does.

21. Station 19

"Greys Anatomy", "Private Practice", "Scandal", "How To Get Away With Murder", "For The People", and "Station 19", all have one thing in common. That is Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes serves as a writer, creator, and executive producer for almost all of them. While those shows focus on characters invovled with medical and politics, "Station 19" focuses on a group of firefighters. Rhimes' work is known for being seen on Netflix as "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal", and "How To Get Away With Murder", are all on there. Who said there's no room for another one?

22. The Night Shift

Looking for a medical show but don't have time to binge 14 seasons of "Greys Anatomy" or 15 of "ER"? "The Night Shift" might just be for you. The medical drama revolves around doctors working at a San Antonio Hospital, doing everything from surgery to other medical procedures, all throughout the evening. While "The Night Shift" doesn't have that many seasons, it's definetly one to binge when other medical dramas such as "Grey's Anatomy" or even "Chicago Med", are not in season.

23. Smallville

Before "Arrow", "The Flash", "Super Girl", "DC's Legend's Of Tommorow", and "Black Lighting", dominated The CW, there was another young man who eventually became superman that had a show on there. That was Clark Kent. For a decade, various viewers would tune into to see young Clark Kent on there. After ten years, they finally saw him become Superman in 2011. They can only continue to along with a new generation of people, if it were seen on Netflix.

24. Cloak and Dagger

Marvel has been finding it a challenge to have their shows stay for more seasons. Luckily, "Cloak and Dagger", has not been impacted by that. Season two will soon be approaching.

25. New Amersterdam

"90210 viewers" might remember him as Mr. Matthews. To "New Amersterdam" watchers, he's the charming Dr. Goodwin. Ryan Eggold has returned to the tube again. This time, he portrays a character with more responsibilties, as he is a medical director. In it's first season, New Amsterdam has become one of TV's newest highly rated dramas. It's also one that appears to be bingeworthy.

26. Avatar The Last Airbender

"Water, earth, fire, air." If you watched Avatar The Last Airbender, chances are you wouldn't miss an episode without hearing that quote. From it's interesting characters to amazing storylines, and speechless 2008 finale, Aang, Katura, Sokko, and Toph, never failed at enteraining young audiences. A decade later, those young audiences are still motivated to rewatch their fun and scary adventures, again and again. Not being on a streaming service, can make that a challenge.

27. Beverly Hills 90210

Recently, it was just announced the beloved 90's show will be rebooted with some of the original cast members. During it's first run, it was a hit and what many teenagers turned on to watch. With a reboot in the works, why not have the original on Netflix.

28. 7th Heaven

It was another big teenage appealing show, that dominated the screen for 11 seasons. Teenagers were easily able to connect to it's themes, as many get educated on sex, drugs, and alcohol at young ages. While The Camdens are seen on other streaming services, having them on Netfix will only continue to get those who use to watch "7th Heaven", to rewatch it and motivate a new generation, to tune in.

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