The Five Best Shows on Netflix to Nap During

There are days where you just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix. And similarly these are the same days that you would be okay with napping all day through. But how can you do both? These are my, and my roommates, favorite shows on Netflix to nap to, and we hope you would agree.

1. Rosanne

An old show, but a good one. You really don't have to pay attention to get the gist of what's going on. And while only a few episodes are on Netflix, there is nothing like falling asleep to a TV show you watched when you were a kid.

2. Family Guy

You really don't have to be paying attention to understand what's going on. Just an episode by episode plot line. Though, waking up to gunshots has scared me a few times.

3. The Office

The Office. Everyone seems to love it. It's just one of those shows that relaxes you after a long week. A show that is easy to drift off to after a long week.

4. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec as it's known by its fans. My roommate slept through the entire first season and still was able to pick up throughout the rest. It's relaxing, and if you happen to wake up in the middle of an episode, you usually can still get a laugh.

5. Friends

This is my personal favorite. When Netflix added Friends it was the first thing I turned on. I'm one of those people that falls asleep to just about anything, but I had also seen a lot of the episodes grown up. Like Rosanne, it was nice to fall asleep to something I knew.

To all of my fellow college students who watch Netflix with everything, Happy Napping!

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