8 Types Of Kids You'll Find In Show Choir
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8 Types Of Kids You'll Find In Show Choir

They'll pop into your head as soon as you read it.

8 Types Of Kids You'll Find In Show Choir

Show Choir is definitely an experience like no other. You're put in a room with a bunch of people and are expected to dance completely in sync and sing in perfect harmony. But no matter what show choir you find yourself in across the country. There are a few people that will show up in every one.

1. The Dancer

There's always that person who can always dance circles around the rest of you. They have probably been taking dance since they were born and started tap dancing at two.

2. The Joker

This is the person that made the long practices bearable. They always kept you laughing, even if the director might get mad at them.

3. The Star

They are the one who is always going to be the star of the show. This may be a good thing or a bad thing.

4. The Mariah Carey

The person who is able (and willing) to do runs any day of the week. They are the go to when you're doing a song with any runs in it.

5. The Couple

In any show choir, there's bound to be some dating. When you are with these people all day every day, you either decide to love them or hate them. Odds are, there are multiple couples at any given time.

6. The Stink

There's always the one person that forgets to put on deodorant. Don't be that person. Don't be the person beside that person.

7. The Professional

May or may not be the same person as number 3. This person is the one that you know is destined to be a star.

8. The Question Mark

You know this one. The one that you're not quite sure how they ended up in Show Choir, but yet here they are.

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