July is slowly coming to a close. In just one month, students will be preparing to return to school or head to college, while educators will be getting ready to return to work. With all the preparation underway, between getting a new laptop, iPad, and/or phone, many will be heading to one place. That is the Apple Store. Known for having student discounts, the company never has sales. According to a recent Facebook survey, 72 percent of people said yes, the tech company should start having them. Twenty-eight percent of people said no, the company should not have them. From it's high-priced merchandise to its expensive repair fees, is it time for Apple to start having sales?

Here are six ways how they would benefit the company.

1. Would gain more business

Although you might find more people with iPhones than Galaxy S's, one sale could probably make a difference and motivate non-iPhone users to switch.

2. More consumer appreciation

Yes, the corporation receives a lot of it from many of its customers, however, there's always someone complaining about their prices. Just by having one sale, can help put the complaining at a minimum. Afterall, who wouldn't want one on a high priced item like a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, even if it's only ten dollars off its original price?

3. Would allow more people to spend their money on other things than merchandise

Having somebody from Apple fix your phone, tablet, or laptop screen, can take some thought. Mainly because of pricing. Compared to an outside company, the corporation charges more. If they had sales on certain things such as screen repairs, more people would pay money for it.

4. Fewer customer complaints

Now that you actually have to pay full price for a new iPhone either upfront or through refinancing, the complaining won't conclude anytime soon. In addition, this has made things worse for many people considering, now their paying more then what they were before. A sale on something such as the iPhone or even a Mac would make things easier for both parents and students. Especially those entering college, who will most likely be spending most of their graduation money on a new MacBook Pro or Air.

5. Reduces the difficulty between deciding whether to purchase a Macbook or an iPad

As the iPad becomes more like a Mac every year, it's becoming more difficult for students, educators, and parents to decide which one to purchase. Depending on who you are, one might work out better for you than the other, however, having a sale on one of these can help make the decision less stressful. It would also give the consumer a better idea on which one really is better. Until then though, one will just have to continue thinking.

6. Less retail competition with Microsoft

There will always be competition between the two tech companies. Many will continue to stick with non-iPhones, Surface Pro's desktops, PCs, among other gadgets that causes both to go head to head with each other. Despite the competition, unlike Apple, Microsoft has sales in its stores. If Apple stepped up and tried them, the competition would still continue however, the corporation would most likely see more consumers purchase merchandise such as headphone, cases, and other accessories that others have gone to Microsoft's retailer for.