The Picky Pizza-Eater's Complete Review Of Shorty's Pizza (Waco, TX)

The Picky Pizza-Eater's Complete Review Of Shorty's Pizza (Waco, TX)

Shorty's Pizza is everyone's favorite! Or is it?


Waco is home to many delicious restaurants, bakeries, eateries, and pizza places and Shorty's is one of Baylor's favorite pizza brands to serve. Some will say it's too greasy. Some will say it's the best pizza ever. What do your taste buds think?

The minute my friends and I walked into Shorty's Pizza Shack, we fell in love with its Italian aromas and inviting ambiance. In fact, Shorty's had the honor of being the location of my first food outing with friends while in college. My growling stomach and I had high expectations for this new and unfamiliar food stop. After all, several other students had referred to this place as the "Baylor pizza staple," so naturally, we had to see what all the fuss was about!

I am a picky pizza eater. By that, I mean I am not a fan of traditional, greasy pizza. Unfortunately, Shorty's pizza was not only greasy, it was also extremely oily. Not only did my slice of pizza leave a blotchy oil residue on my plate, but it left my fingers feeling like I had dipped them in a puddle of melted Vaseline. Plus, the pizza itself lacked a substantial sauce. Sure, there was enough cheese, but the small slather of sauce only left a sticky Parmesan taste in my mouth. My two slices of pizza were much too tasteless for my liking. I would've rather preferred for the pizza to have a balanced ratio of sauce to cheese. It did not help matters that the pizza's crust was tough and dry. It was not burnt, but the crust's dough didn't mimic the seamless tearing of slices like the appetizing pizza commercials one would see on television. After I had eaten the heart of the pizza, I took one bite of the crust and decided it was simply not worth the calories.

Although Shorty's pizza is somewhat bland, I will admit I am a fan of their fresh ingredients. Upon ordering their sausage and pepper pizza, I was delighted to find that the sausage bits were tasty and the crisp bell pepper was a vibrant green. Even the cheese on the classic pepperoni pizza was a mouthwatering combination of cheeses and had been melted to perfection. Best of all, our pizza was served to us fresh out of the oven and its blend of savory Italian fixings screamed, "Eat me!"

Furthermore, the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating at Shorty's. As my friends and I were rocking out to our jukebox tunes, we noticed that a few of the staff members had joined in behind the counter! They were also very kind when delivering our pizza and freshening our drinks. They checked up on us a few times to make sure we were satisfied with our meal too. Before we left, they were considerate in giving each of us a sticker with a smiling, bald man (the Shorty's logo) for us to keep and treasure our memorable experience together.

Realistically, my friends and I will share many more pizza outings together because we are getting a bang for our buck at Shorty's. Not only do they have an extensive menu for a pizza place, but their prices are reasonable too. For a college student on a budget, I would highly recommend stopping by Shorty's for an exceptional value. Their slices are huge and well worth the money my friends and I paid for an eighteen-inch pizza. Additionally, their specials and deals are well worth checking out. Every Wednesday, Shorty's offers five dollars off of a fourteen-inch pizza purchase. That would mean you'd only pay around twelve dollars! Happy Hour on Fridays would also be well worth pursuing. Shorty's has many inviting deals that are kind to every college student's wallet.

Shorty's is an ideal restaurant to get your pizza fix.

Waco, Texas should consider itself lucky to be home to such a notable pizzeria.

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The Real Way To 'Treat Yo Self' Is To Nourish Your Body Instead Of Indulging

I believe the real way to "treat yo self" is to ask, "What would make my body happy?"


I have been interested in health and wellness for several years, but I have always struggled with committing to a 100% healthy lifestyle. There are temptations everywhere, and I'll admit, I have given into unhealthy indulgences or cravings on numerous occasions. Sometimes, I have gone through a stretch of multiple days of physical inactivity, which I justify by how much work I have or how I deserve relaxation time.

Recently, I had a realization that I (and many other people in my generation) have a skewed view of rewarding or treating ourselves. We tend to allow ourselves to satisfy our desires for comfort in every way possible.

We tend to think of a reward as something unnecessary, but we deserve it because we've earned the right to indulge.

Many young adults don't think of their lifestyle choices as having real effects on their bodies, especially long-term. But over time, our actions have consequences.

College students put their bodies (and minds) through enormous amounts of stress. Take midterm week: all-nighters to cram for exams, being sedentary with days of nonstop sitting, fast food and late-night binging to power through. And then comes the reward: a night of nonstop partying and drinking, or staring at Netflix for 12 hours armed with pizza and candy. I know I'm exaggerating, but you get the point: are these really rewards?

It's clear to me that those indulgences of "comfort foods" that I have given into have profound effects on my digestive system, gut microbiome, and much more. Those hours (read: days) of "relaxation time" spent binge-watching Netflix may have been entertaining, but were detrimental to my body's cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

In other words, it turns out I'm not really "treating myself" if my body ends up paying for it.

I'm not telling you that you can never eat your favorite unhealthy foods or drinks, or spend a day watching TV, or whatever habit it is that's not good for you. It most likely won't affect you all that much if you do these things once in a while.

I simply believe it's time to re-construct our view of treating ourselves. I'm saying that, whatever choices we do make, we should be fully aware of the fact that certain habits are not rewards.

I think it's much better for us in the long term to fundamentally change what "Treat Yo Self" means to us rather than spend our lives trying to fight our desires.

I've finally started to understand that real "treats" are things that nourish my body. They include the small things, like making sure to get enough sleep and water, to more involved things like taking outdoor study breaks, making sure to squeeze a workout into a busy day, or cooking a fresh, clean meal for myself. When you come from a place of self-love, "treating yo self" means helping to give your body what it truly craves, which is to get into a state of optimal health.

Since realizing that our lifestyle choices have a lot to do with self-love, I came across a guided morning meditation that incorporates self-love, and I decided to try it for a few days.

One thing that tends to stay in my mind throughout the day after this meditation is the quote, "Today I'm giving love to my body."

After practicing this guided meditation every morning, I have noticed that my mindset has been shifting. I have newfound respect and gratitude for my body. I am bewildered by the amazing ability our bodies have to heal themselves, from the cellular to the psychological levels, if we simply give them the nourishment they need.

Since practicing self-love meditation, I have found it easier to stick to my goals of eating healthy foods and taking time to exercise every day. It now feels like I am rewarding myself when I choose a green smoothie over a bag of cookies. It feels like a reward, and a privilege, to be able to nourish my body, rather than indulge in something for temporary satisfaction. I only wish to share the truth: we are immensely lucky to have our own brilliant life machine that is our bodies.

It's a miracle to have blood flowing through our veins, and we should strive to treat our bodies with the love and respect they deserve. I believe the real way to "treat yo self" is to ask, "What would make my body happy?"

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