Rape. It is a sensitive word for some. It is a joke for others. It is a serious issue for those affected.

It seems to be something to everyone. There are those who take the word very seriously, those who use it so playfully, and those who fall somewhere in between. Personally, I have never been comfortable when people use the word so freely to describe something that does not compare to physical assault. Society is either so lighthearted or so heavyhearted on this topic. It always depends on what that situation is and where people are in the situation. For example, someone may be on the victim's end (or associated with someone on the victim's end) and they may be really defensive or sympathetic on the issue, or even just the word, while others may be applying the word to describe a not-so traumatizing experience and feel no sympathy toward the word.

Living with such an experience, you just have to learn how to deal with it, work around it, cope with it; there seems to be no form of escape from it. It is mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically draining. It is tiresome being constantly on edge and unsure about everything. People do not realize how easily someone can be triggered by simple words and actions.

Now, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to tiptoe around everyone else’s feelings. That is just nonsensical. Thus, two major sides evolve from this uncomfortable subject: “There is no need to be so sensitive” and “There is no need to be a jerk.” A fine line divides this, and sometimes it is quite difficult to find where it is. How do people know when too much is too much or when too far is too far? Communication is key in all relationships, and people need to understand how crucial that is. If something someone does really bothers you, talk to that person about it.

It is hard to move on, and some people just do not.

It is said that time heals all wounds, but what is not said is that some wounds cause you to break and nothing can fix that.