Let’s talk about periods.

It’s funny, if I word it like that, most people without a uterus will scowl at me for making them feel awkward and bringing up something disgusting, and probably try to edge out of the conversation or change the topic to something that makes them less “uncomfortable”.

Honey, if you think talking about periods is uncomfortable, it’s probably a very good thing for the sake of your own sanity that you don’t actually have to experience them--because the lining of your uterus shredding itself? That’s not very comfortable either.

It’s interesting how selectively periods are stigmatized; for instance, it’s totally acceptable to loudly proclaim, “somebody’s on her period,” whenever a girl is irritable, angry, or y’know, shows any kind of emotion that people don’t want to deal with. But how many times have we all seen guys shy away when a tampon exchanges hands, or when someone complains that they have cramps?

How many times have we heard them complain about how gross the topic is?

It’s a heck of a lot grosser to have to deal with every month, cupcakes.

Periods are an unavoidable natural bodily function; they’re the reason you were able to come into existence. They happen, they’re heinous, and no one feels like sugar coating it for the sake of taboo or anyone’s fragile masculinity. The processes that take place in women’s bodies aren’t off limits for discussion just because they’re not something you understand or have experienced, and they’re especially not something you get to choose to be acceptable when you feel like it because you want to make a joke when a girl is being “bitchy”. They occur all the time, so yes, we might decide to mention them all the time, and it’s ridiculous that quite so many guys, men, and even fathers continue to complain and run away from something that’s not going anywhere. Get it together.

If we have to deal with them, you can deal with hearing about them.