Sexuality Is Not a Reason for Abuse: The Amber Heard Case
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Sexuality Is Not a Reason for Abuse: The Amber Heard Case

Why are you using sexuality as a reason to blame Amber Heard for her abuse?

Sexuality Is Not a Reason for Abuse: The Amber Heard Case

The news has been constantly covering the story of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce. Starting on May 23, reports surfaced that Heard filed for divorce. A few days later, Heard went to civil court with bruises on her face, claiming domestic abuse.

Amber Heard has done everything right in regards to reporting her abuse. She went to the police, provided physical evidence, as well as has many witnesses attesting to her allegations. The debate is still up for discussion whether or not Depp is abusing his wife. While I will always give the benefit of the doubt to the victim in these cases, none of us tabloid readers and viewers can definitively say what happened: we are not in their relationship.

Something that the media is doing is bringing up Heard’s sexuality. Amber Heard is one of the few out celebrities in Hollywood. Many articles have surfaced by different outlets that mention her sexuality, as if because she is bisexual she deserved to be abused. writes: “We’re told Heard’s bisexual past also proved a problem.” It further explains that Depp believed that her friendship with a female photographer, as well as a gay and lesbian rights activist. Johnny Depp reportedly believed that they were too close for comfort. also has a source who states: "She can change her mind within minutes. One minute they are off and the next she decides she wants to stay. The marriage has been on the rocks since it started." The article then immediately states that Heard spent time with her ex-girlfriend, something Depp did not like. This forced her to leave her old circle of friends to keep the marriage intact. delves further by stating, "Johnny reportedly disliked how close Amber was with the LGBQT community – and how closer she was to some of her lesbian friends!"Many articles are referring to Heard as Depp’s “openly bisexual wife." Just because one is bisexual, does not mean that they cannot be monogamous.

Many are using her sexuality as a reason to blame Amber Heard for her abuse. Aussie commentator Peter Ford had said:

I probably shouldn't say this, I'll probably get in trouble,'s not wise to
marry a bisexual. This is what Johnny Depp has done here, with Amber Heard,
and she was in a very legally committed relationship, a marriage, a legal
marriage, to another woman when Johnny came along, and she decided to
travel across to the other side.

He has since apologized for his statement, but this is the train of thought going through many minds who are following this case closely. Being bisexual simply means being attracted to two or more genders. It does not mean that you will automatically cheat on your partner with someone of a different gender as them. Anna Paquin, another openly bisexual actress, was asked by Larry King in 2014 if she is a “non-practicing bisexual” and that if her marriage meant she is no longer bisexual. Paquin replied to this with ease, stating “Well, I don't think it's a past tense thing. Are you still straight if you are with somebody?... If you were to break up with them or if they were to die, it doesn't prevent your sexuality from existing. It doesn't really work like that."

When someone is straight, they can still see someone else of their opposite gender as attractive. It works the same with bisexuality. Amber Heard was married to a man, and though she can still see other women as attractive, it does not mean that she will cheat on Depp. Bisexual people are not confused or constantly switching from partner to partner. Bisexual people realized that they can love someone and not be affected by their gender.

There is no reason for Heard’s sexuality to be in the conversation about her abuse. There should be no debate on whether or not she was abused, especially by those who are not even involved in the relationship. Furthermore, Amber Heard is a bisexual woman but this fact is irrelevant in the conversation of this case. One’s sexuality does not give others the right to abuse them. Amber Heard is a victim and should be treated with respect.

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