Poetry On Odyssey: 'Ambig(hue)ity'

Sunset like a pack of Starburst

And pink clouds tickling the horizon,

My breath saturated my lungs.

If a molecule escaped my trachea,

an atom

the moment would combust into history.

Do you remember a time when static filled the spaces

between television channels? Do I remember

when static filled the spaces between my perceptions

of that night?

I don't think I breathed,

But somehow, the

Golden, simmering skyline


To gray.

I don't remember. Well, I remember parts, but

they're just that: parts.


The sphere ablaze

Hadn't set just yet.

Instead, a gray blob

Bobbed along a grayer backdrop.

Where had the color in my life gone? And

why did static replace my peripherals?

No birds sang a twilight melody,

No crests greeted me

From the gray, murky water.

Caramel grains of sand became

Minuscule pebbles of

Varying shades of gray.

Hazy. Hazily cross-legged on an asphalt floor,

mosquitoes nibbled at my flesh. A

dial-tone replaced the voice I needed to hear.

Gray finger-like clouds picked

At the faded background.

Would color once again

Dye the sunset before me?

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