Sensitive Topics Need to Be Discussed More Openly Such as Sexual Assault.

Yes sexual assault is a very sensitive topic, especially to those who have experienced this, but the topic in general needs to be discussed more openly to a variety of audiences to educate those who do not understand the concept.

It does not matter whether the audience is mature enough or what the audience's gender is. Everyone should have the opportunity, or the education to clearly understand what sexual assault entails.

We hear and talk about sexual assault the most on college campus's because students seem to be more susceptible to the act happening to them. Students will go to lectures or listen to a speaker talk to them about Title 9 and what their options entail if they are sexually assaulted.

Yes this is a great way to introduce the concept of Sexual Assault, but do these lectures and speakers from Title 9 offices really give off the full experience of what Sexual Assault is? Barely.

College students hear about Sexual Assault and it goes over their heads as if it's just another normal topic to talk about over dinner conversations. Some may shrug it off thinking it will never happen to them for they would never be put in that situation. This thought process is false. It can happen to anyone.

It should not be looked at this way. Sexual Assault is a traumatic experience and those who go through it may live in shame, guilt, and stress because they believe they are not important or it's their fault they were put in the position. They may even think, "Oh, no one will actually care about what happened to me because this is a normal thing in today's society". They may think of this because people tend to see it in a dim light. This is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed.

Gender does not matter when it comes to Sexual Assault. According to an article on the sexual assault hotline page RAINN, 1 in 6 women are a victim of sexual assault and 1 in 10 men are victims. ( The most common ages of rape are between the ages 18-34 years. These statistics basically state the violent act can happen to anyone.

Sexual Assault starts with no consent. Let me repeat that. When No Consent is given, the act is automatically classified as rape. No means no, and when that word is spoken, all physical motions being committed must come to an end. It does not matter if you encourage someone into thinking they'll enjoy it. If they do not want to be touched or messed with, then you shouldn't do it.

We need to educate those in Sex Ed classes starting in high school about the risks and chances of being sexually assaulted. In every country, not necessarily speaking about America, although America seems to be the country that most needs the education.

Young girls are getting drunk at parties and taken advantage of, mean and women are going out on dates with sexual violence on the back of their mind. I'm not saying everyone should think "would this person be able to take advantage of me easily?" I'm simply stating people need to be made more aware of this whole situation.

I'm aware this article does not provide a lot of information on Sexual assault. That is not the point. I'm hoping however, that this article will open up the doors for more exploration on the topic in general. I'm hoping people will realize that sexual is not a topic to dismiss and toss over their shoulders when it is brought up.

This is real and it's happening right now. This is not something to joke about. If you want more information or need help with sexual assault information, you can refer to the website RAINN for more general information. Please consider helping those around you who are broken because this violent act happened to them.