Sexual Assault: No One Should Ever Just 'Shake It Off'
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Sexual Assault: No One Should Ever Just 'Shake It Off'

Sexual assault is never a laughing matter.

Sexual Assault: No One Should Ever Just 'Shake It Off'

Sexual assault has become an all too common thing in today's society. We hear about it almost daily on the news and online. It can happen to anyone. It is defined as:

"Sexual assault is any involuntary sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of a person."

Approximately 30 percent of sexual assault cases are reported to authorities.

One in four women and one in six men will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18.

Every two minutes, someone in America is sexually violated.

Many cases go unnoticed because people are either too afraid to speak up or the news just decides not to cover it because they don't find it relevant. But, let me tell you something. IT IS RELEVANT. I don't care who it happens to... a celebrity or an everyday person. Sexual assault is wrong in every way, shape, and form. Individuals who commit this crime should be punished for their act(s). It isn't something to take lightly no matter who it happens to. You should never feel the need to just "shake it off."

That brings me to the case that is in the spotlight at the moment. I'm sure most of us have read about it on social media or somewhere on the internet. It is pretty hard to miss when it happened to the biggest pop star on the planet: Taylor Swift.

A former radio host is suing Taylor for wrongly accusing him of sexual assault back in 2013. David Mueller, the radio host, lost his job after KYGO radio in Denver, Colorado, heard of the incident. He was accused of inappropriately touching Swift during a photo session backstage before her show.

He claims that he has met many other female celebrities in the past, and groping was never an issue. And your point is?

At first glance, I'm sure many people are just thinking that this is a publicity stunt. However, let's be real here. Taylor Swift is the last person to ever need to use a publicity stunt to get attention.

She wasn't even the one to report the issue. Her security team saw Mr. Mueller grab her butt while a picture was being taken. They talked to Taylor after the incident, and she confirmed what had happened. During the show, they escorted him out of the arena.

Taylor's publicist relayed this information along with photographic evidence to David Mueller's former employer. KYGO Radio made their own decision to fire Mr. Mueller after the fact.

Like I said before, there is plenty of skepticism as to whether Taylor stretched the truth. I can't put into words how frustrated and mad this makes me. When has Taylor Swift ever spoke anything but the truth? She is one of the most loving, honest people on the planet. She would never do anyone wrong unless they did her wrong.

This brings me to another thought. Every woman has the right to speak up when they feel violated. Just because she's Taylor Swift, the media thinks it's okay to act like she's not the victim, and that she's begging for attention. THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

@MusicsRebellion on Twitter made this tweet when the Huffington Post first released the news...

How immature can you be??

A fan quoted the tweet with a response that took the words right out of my mouth...

"It's Taylor Swift, so let's just make a joke about it." This has occurred for Taylor Swift's entire career. It still does every single day, and it's not fair. She is human, and she is treated so unfairly just because she believes in feminism. It's not okay for Taylor to stand up for herself, because her opinions don't matter...

Same story, different issue. Enough with this rant. Let's get back to the bigger issue here.

When young girls see that a big-name celebrity is getting made fun of for speaking up about sexual assault or any issue for that matter...why would they ever want to stand up for themselves? Even the most minuscule forms of sexual assault should not be downplayed. A personal violation is a personal violation, it is up to the individual to decide if and when they feel violated. This is the harsh reality if the media continues to make fun of the issue.

I'm not saying that it happens all the time, but IT HAPPENS A LOT. I've seen it happen to plenty of other celebrities that aren't Taylor Swift. Their stories are downgraded or mocked just because they are women. This happens to females everywhere. It's not different, no matter the class you are living in.

When female celebrities are being made fun of or criticized for their opinions, it is telling younger generations that their thoughts do not matter. Society is telling people to shake it off because it is not a big deal. That is not right, and that is not the world that I want to raise a child in.

So, Mr. Mueller, I think you have decided to sue the wrong person...

"Watch out. She'll probably write a song about you." (Warning: Don't mess with T-Swizzle.) Because you know, Taylor Swift is a man-hater, and all. *cough, cough*

It will be "THE SONG."

A song that will influence generations to come, and that will teach people that you can only choose to remain a victim if you stay silent. A song that will start a revolution about ending sexual assault, and will FINALLY give women a voice!

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