Campaigns To Support During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Campaigns To Participate In During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is sexual assault awareness month


During sexual assault awareness month, and there are so many campaigns one can get involved in! Here are five of my very favorites.

1. Denim Day

Denim Day is a campaign that began after a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt and assumed that because the victim was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped him remove them, thereby implying consent.

The next day, women in the Italian Parliament were so angry that they showed up to work the next day in jeans in solidarity with the victim. Ever since then, this campaign exploded with millions of participants each year. This year's date for Denim Day is April 24th, 2019!

Go get you denim guys and gals!

2. It's On Us 

It's On Us was launched in September of 2014 as a national movement to end sexual assault. It's On Us is meant to engage everyone and asks everyone - parents, students, community leaders, companies, and organizations - to make a change and recognize that the conversation starts with us. It starts with our friends, our churches; government buildings, the workplace. We all have a part to play and a conversation to have.

3. Take Back The Night

Take Back The Night is the first worldwide effort to combat sexual violence and violence against women. The '70s brought the issue of violence against women to the forefront of demanding resources and safety for women. The Take Back The Night Foundation has helped communities plan many events, conferences, and they offer internships.

4. Red My Lips 

Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization which raises visibility and awareness about the realities and the prevalence of sexual violence. They run an annual global awareness and action campaign where supporters rock red lipstick as a way to show solidarity with victims.

5. End Rape On Campus 

End Rape On Campus works to end campus sexual violence through direct support for survivors and their communities; prevention through education; and policy reform at the campus, local, state, and federal levels.

No matter what, get involved. Whether that is within your community or on a federal level, get involved.

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Everything You Need To Know About Psychic Attacks And How To Recover From Them

Vampirism is stealing another's energy, and it hurts.

I am an empath and luckily, there are many great things about being one. I also have the ability to see things, mostly in my dreams, and pick up on certain messages throughout the day in the form of clairvoyance.

I basically ended up feeling perpetually used by people. They sought out my advice or help and once they got it, they were gone.

There was no reciprocity, they just moved on like I'd done nothing for them. It hurt the most when I was the one who occasionally needed help, and they were nowhere to be found. That left me feeling incredibly drained and tired all the time.

In work situations, I usually got guilted into doing work for other people and once again, they'd take the credit, and I'd get left drained, as well as, unrecognized and taken for granted. This is especially true with romantic partners.

Every time I got involved with a man, I'd do everything I could to help him fix his weak spots or bring him up. Many guys transformed into better people thanks to me and then, once they found someone who suddenly liked them because they were better, they ditched me.

It's a horrible feeling which I also contribute to having Pisces energy and that of self-sacrifice. The basis of this crux is simple: I helped a guy out or a friend, and they moved to a higher level once assisted and thought little of what I had done for them.

They did not realize that their turn for the better was, in part, from being close to me and my energy. Once they left, their luck went back down to mediocre, and I hardly felt sorry for them at that point.

These gifts are blessings and many people take them for granted or take advantage.

Then, they get steamed when that luck is gone. It's important for sensitive types to guard their energy as most will see it as a means to exploit and few will return the favor.

Perhaps, I helped someone with a problem in their wardrobe, popularity, or style. Perhaps, I filled them with a positive energy that made other women or people notice them who normally would not have.

This has happened almost universally with me and guys. Once I began dating a guy or liking a guy, women always seemed to find him more appealing because he was with me. That was fine, however, some of these men liked the new attention so much that they forgot about being loyal and appreciative or from where they got that newfound energy or zest.

I could sense that they were deliberating moving on which was frustrating because it happened all of the time, so often, that I got used to it. Therefore, I'd try and retain my energy as much as possible by refusing to get intimately involved or ceasing to give them help or assistance, especially if I had already done that.

All relationships should have a healthy give and take. Empaths usually end up giving way more because of their natures.

This is likely a form of vampirism or stealing another's energy and it hurts. I had to learn how to guard my own energy and only offer it to others, men especially, who weren't seeking to deplete me or to better themselves. I had to be careful with who I assisted so I wouldn't be left drained.

For starters, I had to drop my relatives, even though, it was hard and painful. The reason was that most of them, on some level, sucked my energy through guilt, intimidation or neglect. It was very difficult, but I withdrew. Even for those who weren't quite as toxic as the rest, I had to pull away if they were involved with outside influences that did drain me.

Maybe they didn't understand how hard that was for me; maybe, they didn't care. But the point is that I had to learn to put myself first because if I'm constantly going around giving and being depleted, I will be of no use to myself.

No relationship was greater a lesson in this than when I was abused for a year and a half. That man drained every ounce of energy I had and then some. He took and took and took, regardless of how I felt. He took things that mattered to me; he hurt me and things that I loved. He did so on purpose.

It was worse than just zapping my energy because he aimed to perpetually damage me. He aimed to torture. Perhaps, that gave him a sense of power by draining all that was good about me.

I was constantly stressed, scared, overwhelmed and on edge. I dwindled down in pounds, stopped exercising and looked like a bean pole. I had bags under my eyes and looked as psychically beat up as one could have ever imagined.

Even after I left, I still was not whole because he employed tactics to try and drain my energy from farther away.

Although it was not as bad as it had been when near him, it was bad in the form of cyberstalking, harassment, and subterfuge.

He devised ways to have other people do his dirty work. I'm not sure how, but I imagine it involved a gross misrepresentation, without my knowledge, somewhere in the dark, cyber world. And perhaps, he knew that if he set me up, that strangers, would seek me out and cause continual damage that tied back to his primary actions. Those being: the need to inflict pain and cause distress.

I'll give one example: a few days ago, I got a message from a person who claims to be a masseuse in another state. They sent me a message on Facebook. Now, there is nothing about my social life that suggests any interest in something like that. In reality, it triggers stress and trauma, distracts me from my goals and causes hardship.

I blocked this person. Then, the next day, someone else on Facebook sent me another message. I assume it was a male and he said that he had read my article on a particular topic, and then proceeded to ask me for my date of birth.

I was floored. The only other person I've ever met who so blatantly tried to steal my identity was the monster guy.

When I saw that, I thought it was related. Although I hate having to admit to having been conned once, it seems that over the years, I've been approached by so many others with similar agendas like they expect me to fall for a con again, because I fell victim once. It's like a perpetual burn, with others who will think you're an easy mark if you fall just once. It's really unfair and unending.

Once victimized always victimized? Well, no. I know better than to give my date of birth to a perfect stranger online. However, these weird and unsettling messages occur almost daily.

I have to patrol my social media accounts regularly to check who is following me or commenting on posts. At least once a week, there is some sketchy profile following me around or responding to my posts and every time, I report them and block them. But, they keep coming. They almost always center around something gross, inappropriate, uninvited, and undesired.

This is a psychic attack. Because the people who create phony accounts with disturbing messages do so in an effort to upset, annoy, harass, unsettle, and stress out people that they view as targets.

That is stalking, and it is a crime, as well, if it originates with the same person. You can attempt to get a restraining order against someone who is deliberately trying to bother you, even online. And if you aren't sure, the police can search computers and hard drives to prove that information is coming from a particular person or group as evidence through IP addresses.

If they have previously abused or committed a crime against you, which is my case, the law may consider that witness intimidation or tampering, and that is punishable by law. These days it is common for this to occur online in an effort to prevent testimony or incriminating evidence from being exposed.

It's definitely no fun, and no one is immune. The best course of action is to report it every time, and keep records of what is happening. You might be able to establish a pattern of behavior that can be traced back to a person or group.

Remember that knowledge is power. Don't react with emotion; react with the facts. Knowing your rights is critical too.

Cyberstalking, harassment, and bullying can be prosecuted. Although these people think that they are being cute and cannot be prosecuted, think again.

If the offensive behavior is unprovoked and a target has done all that they can to stay away from the offender, you may have a case. It demonstrates a pervasive, almost perverse obsession in those who seek out others and conduct themselves in a disrespectful, malicious way.

I've been dealing with this for nine years. Its just one extra thing to encounter, but the common thread is that these instances are meant to take my energy away.

After I met this monster creep, I lost everything and I had nowhere to live. I had a few options, but they all fell through. The last straw was when I moved in with a friend, and she constantly discounted my feelings and refused to support me. She went out drinking and faulted me for speaking to her boyfriend.

Amazingly enough, her boyfriend was trying to help me which is why we connected but, I made the choice to move out once she showed open hostility and resentment to my presence. That and the pressure to drink was enough. I couldn't deal with it as I didn't have any energy to spare.

I regretfully moved into a shelter, and it was there where I was poisoned with bath salts. That was not just a psychic attack; it was a physical attack too. I became trapped in the astral realm as a result.

What that means is that I wasn't existing on the physical plane where we have senses and can protect ourselves. I was trapped in a virtual dream world and completely open to having what remained of my physical self annihilated.

I was starving when I met my teacher. I was starving because I was not connected to my earthly body. I would have died without even realizing the need of hunger. My teacher performed an exorcism on me and yanked me back from the astral realm back into the physical plane. If I had remained in the astral realm, I would have eventually died.

The scary thing about the astral realm is that it is a place where all sorts of spirits and energies reside: good and bad, decent and evil.

The astral realm is the place that one can access by means of a Ouija Board and my teacher has stressed just how dangerous these are. They are not toys, they are extremely hazardous, and should never be used. The reason is that they directly access the astral realm, and you never know who is on the other side.

Once you are there, anything or anyone can take control of what is left of your physical life. When I met my teacher, something had me under its control. It was female, and she staked a claim to me. She possessed me and had put some kind of choke hold around my throat thus disabling my need for nourishment.

During the exorcism with Mr. Z, he demanded that the spirit leave. Then, he challenged it. I remember that I scoffed at him and laughed in his face when he said that. I emitted this awful, cackle laugh and replied to him, "You can't have her!"

I was stunned because it was my voice but it wasn't me speaking. Eventually, he gripped me back to reality and also gave me some incredibly valuable tools that I have used since then. I wanted to share what has helped me to survive vicious, multi-sourced, psychic attacks below.

1. Psalm 91

From the first day that I was rescued, I was instructed to read Psalm 91 every night. By some eerie twist, I happened to have bought a book at a store about a month before I met Mr. Z. I usually never bought books at this particular store, but one day I saw a book and knew that I needed to buy it. The book was "Psalms and Proverbs."

I still have that book today and since September 2011, I have read Psalm 91 every single night. I also added Psalm 71 a few months later. Every night I recite them both.

2. White Votives

I have lit white votives every night and said the Psalms since 2011, as well. I light my votives often as their purpose is to expel negative energy from me and my home. When I get home from work or even when I'm just chilling out, I light votives.

It's important that they are not scented as they need to be unadulterated candles, and scented candles are adulterated. I've noticed that during particularly stressful times, the more votives I have lit, the better I am. I also learned recently that even a computer image of a white candle burning is sufficient if you cannot find candles or afford them.

3. Salt & Vinegar Solution

I've been using this mixture for years mainly to handle nightmares. I have a paste made of vinegar and salt that I mix together and place in a high corner of my room.

Its function is to eliminate negativity and drive out psychic attacks. I didn't always check it every day and noticed that when I did not, my stress got worse. Therefore, I check it every day and makes sure it's stirred.

4. Meditation

I do hourly silent meditation once a day where I visualize unhooking negative energies from me. It is extremely helpful in freeing me from toxic energy.

5. Shoes, Clothing, and Hair

I do not let anyone cut my hair or change it outside of my teacher. That is because hair is protective of the body, and people can put negative energy or thoughts into your hair if they have bad intentions.

I always change my clothes when I get home too. In other words, I do not go to bed wearing anything I wore out in public because clothes pick up energy from the world around you. If and when you bring it home with you, the last place you want some strange person's energy is in your personal space or bedroom.

The same goes with shoes. I leave them at the door because they carry energy from the outside world, usually the lowest kind.

6. Crystals and Stones

I have a bag of personal crystals and stones that help me, and I carry them with me. My teacher tells me that when selecting a rock or stone, to pick the one that calls to you or is the most appealing. The reason for that is because you are in need of the energy or healing properties that it offers to you, and you can sense that by it calling out.

Even with all of these steps, I still have very visual dreams. I normally write them down and when I do that, they tend not to repeat themselves.

These things have helped me to combat vampirism and psychic attack. In addition to that, I drink only pure water, no tap. I try to eat as healthy as I can and use aromatherapy and essential oils. I exercise almost daily. I keep myself and my home clean. I don't mean obsessive-compulsive clean, just clean and functional.

I have been preparing and planning this resilience for years to where I'm much better off than I was before I almost died and I got extra help from the tools above. I really did not feel as affected by old ploys and tricks that might have previously upset me.

These are truly helpful for sensitive people, empaths, and clairvoyants who are largely at risk for psychic attacks. They also work really well for anybody who wishes to live a more productive and positive life.

I'm sure that you will see if you try some that you will notice a change in your life for the better. And count your blessings if you aren't an empath because you might have the luxury of doing this recreationally, whereas we sensitive souls must do them religiously in order to survive, thrive, and prosper.

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I Faced My Fear Of Dressing 'Provocatively' Because What I Really Feared Was Sexual Assault

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be something any girl is convinced will be a nightmare.


As a girl, I was always told to "cover up." Shirts should have sleeves, cleavage shouldn't peak out, dresses should reach the knees, and makeup shouldn't be "too much." If my clothes fit me a certain way, I would be inviting people to basically attack me and anything that happens would be my fault. Because "boys will be boys," and that means it's in their DNA to gawk at pretty girls.

And even with me being called "chubby," or "thick," or "closed off," and "unapproachable," that still applied to me. I was a "pretty girl" and therefore a target if my shoulders were out. When you're twelve or fifteen, it feels like a protocol. It's the way it is and covering up is for your own good.

And all through high school, I followed the rules. I didn't dress even remotely provocatively out of fear. I was comfortable with being more reserved. I had confidence without being prudish, and I felt secure. But in time, I realized that even though my loved ones may have been just trying to keep me safe, they were victim blaming. People were telling me that if something bad happened to me, it would be my fault for dressing a certain way. But they weren't preparing me for the real fear: sexual assault

I finally realized I would never be at fault for being assaulted, God forbid it'd ever happen. It's completely out of my hands. The fear of showing my shoulders of thighs wasn't something to fear at all. Predators don't walk around with a checklist with requirements we need to meet in order to be a target.

And no one was going to tell me "you can't wear that," or deceive me by telling me I was "asking for it." So I bought a dress that was more revealing than anything I'd ever worn. It wasn't like the cute sundresses I always wore before. It was lowcut and short and when I clicked the "submit order" button, I felt like I'd done something bad. I felt all the words of assistant principals and aunts and grandmothers and my dad. It hung in my closet for months and collected dust with all the shorts I decided I was too tall to wear and tops that showed too much skin.

Then I decided to wear it on my 19th birthday. I knew I'd be with people I was comfortable around and just their presence would make me feel safe. The way I dressed would never matter, but especially not on my night. And it felt so good. I was a new kind of confident and I loved my body in a way I hadn't before. Because in all honesty, I didn't love it much. And the last thing I needed was another reason not to love my body. I was convinced it wasn't good for much more than tempting pervy men. Not to mention, I wasn't really worried about making myself look good as much as I was staying on guard.

I regained so much confidence. The kind of confidence you have when you're five and dress yourself for the first time and you feel fabulous with the plethora of patterns and colors you've chosen. No one was holding me back. I just broke the fear that people would be watching. Because they're not, they're too worried about themselves.

If it's hot, I wear less. If I'm feeling good about the way I look, I'll wear less. If I'm in a mood where wearing too much is going to annoy me, I'll wear less. And if anyone thinks my clothes, or my lack thereof, have to do with anything other than that, that's their problem.

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be something any girl is convinced will be a nightmare. Or clothes aren't supposed to be the monsters in our closets we were afraid of.

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