Sex To Abolish Racism

Sex To Abolish Racism

How Biological Copulation And A Proposed Global Civilization Network Interconnecting All Cities Have Already Won The Argument Against Racial And Ethnic Purity.

Ethnic and racial divisions are largely the result of populations being isolated throughout humanity's past. The differences of geography caused the differences of skin pigmentation generated by the differences of solar radiation exposure from the specific locations human populations settled. Other superficial physical features are based off of a similar evolutionary adaptations based off of location. As biological sciences, especially genetics, has exposed and shown that humanity is genetically identical with only superficial differences in appearance. As an unfortunate repercussion of anti-science and deliberate attempts to keep populations illiterate to scientific truths, the delusions of racial superiority continue to exist and inflict harm upon the world.

If we consider the notion of what racial supremacy is based off, it is of an illusory delusion. I say illusory delusion because the illusion is that of superficial physical appearances and the delusion is believing an isolated population is capable of being "pure", genetically speaking. The notion that any specific population of humans for whatever myth they claim to justify isolation, fundamentally is ignoring the genetic reality that no population in any ecosystem within the greater biosphere is capable of being completely isolated to the point of genetic "purity". Any conception of "purity" of any race or ethnic group of people for any reason is a complete mythology of those people's history. Science affirms the reality of a genetic heritage amongst all of humanity, and all of life in its entirety. An ideology that typically coincides with theories of racial superiority is the equally illusory delusion of anthropocentrism. Anthropocentrism is the ideology that humanity is an apex species and therefore existence must bend to the will of humans for the benefits of only humans, and that intelligence only exists within the human species and that all other lifeforms are lesser. It is an ideology that has justified the commodification/exploitation, breakdown and near collapse of the biosphere, and the enslavement of entire species which witness the slaughter of hundreds of billions yearly purely for the sake of consuming and discarding.

If we consider the cause of the superficial divisions of race and ethnicity is of populations forming and maturing in different geological locations that result in a quasi-form of isolation. Then the logical solution would be an increase biological replication to intertwine and blend genetic variations, i.e. sexual relations.

This is honestly the inevitable solution to the problem of racial and ethnic purity in any culture. And if we were to establish transportation and communication systems interconnecting every city, town, and settlement the level of ability for human migration would be exponential. And in an automated economy, travel and a work free environment would allow for far more time for things like the sciences, arts, and biological aspects such as hedonistic pleasures/reproductive acts. If we factor all of this into account, the ability of migration for human populations across the world would eventually intermix pigmentation and other superficial features. Especially since the isolation that developed specified pigmentations would not exist in the same manner due to a constant migrating human population.

The intermixing of human populations, extrapolated exponentially once human populations are freed from drudgery by an automated economy and free access of movement; could result in an evolutionary jump of the human species never seen in human history. The coagulation of human culture into one coherent multi spectrum non-hegemonic globally interconnected system facilitated through technological means such as the Internet and physical means such as highly advanced transportation mechanisms. Would be able to stimulate an economy and civilization that could expand exponentially into the greater universe. Not only would the increased copulation dissolve the illusion of racial and ethnic divisions; but it would also exponentially grow the human species in numbers. A common myth is that of overpopulation, the claim that it is the number of humans that is resulting in the destruction of civilization and the biosphere. Rather than the habits and behaviors of the existing human populations that are wasting the resources and massively mismanaging them.

An increasing level of human population with an interconnected global culture and civilization that is automated for abundance and frees humanity from drudgery would have the logistical means to assert a claim of a unified human species. It would not be a dream of utopian fantasy, human biology is estimated to eventually evolve equalizing pigmentation and other superficial features eventually given enough biological evolutionary time. But we as wise apes (Homo sapiens) are capable of self evolution. Interconnecting the human populations across the world into a single global coagulation of culture and civilization is an evolutionary inevitability. The delusions of separation driven by and paradoxically driving the ideas of racial supremacy are attempting to fight biological truths and laws, their philosophical disillusionment will eventually collapse on itself and its contradictions.

Let us look forward to what the logical and rational outcome of human evolution and civilization advancement if we simply conceive the ideas of connecting with one another on a communal, global, and personally intimate level. The repercussions of simple subjective intimacy among the greater population and the desire to migrate throughout one's life are the basic ideas that would be required to generate the inevitable future described. The true repercussions of the fullest extent sexual intimacy has upon a globally connected society has yet to be fully seen.

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'As A Woman,' I Don't Need To Fit Your Preconceived Political Assumptions About Women

I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.


It is quite possible to say that the United States has never seen such a time of divisiveness, partisanship, and extreme animosity of those on different sides of the political spectrum. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are saturated with posts of political opinions and are matched with comments that express not only disagreement but too often, words of hatred. Many who cannot understand others' political beliefs rarely even respect them.

As a female, Republican, college student, I feel I receive the most confusion from others regarding my political opinions. Whenever I post or write something supporting a conservative or expressing my right-leaning beliefs and I see a comment has been left, I almost always know what words their comment will begin with. Or in conversation, if I make my beliefs known and someone begins to respond, I can practically hear the words before they leave their mouth.

"As a woman…"

This initial phrase is often followed by a question, generally surrounding how I could publicly support a Republican candidate or maintain conservative beliefs. "As a woman, how can you support Donald Trump?" or "As a woman, how can you support pro-life policies?" and, my personal favorite, "As a woman, how did you not want Hillary for president?"

Although I understand their sentiment, I cannot respect it. Yes, being a woman is a part of who I am, but it in no way determines who I am. My sex has not and will not adjudicate my goals, my passions, or my work. It will not influence the way in which I think or the way in which I express those thoughts. Further, your mention of my sex as the primary logic for condemning such expressions will not change my adherence to defending what I share. Nor should it.

To conduct your questioning of my politics by inferring that my sex should influence my ideology is not only offensive, it's sexist.

It disregards my other qualifications and renders them worthless. It disregards my work as a student of political science. It disregards my hours of research dedicated to writing about politics. It disregards my creativity as an author and my knowledge of the subjects I choose to discuss. It disregards the fundamental human right I possess to form my own opinion and my Constitutional right to express that opinion freely with others. And most notably, it disregards that I am an individual. An individual capable of forming my own opinions and being brave enough to share those with the world at the risk of receiving backlash and criticism. All I ask is for respect of that bravery and respect for my qualifications.

Words are powerful. They can be used to inspire, unite, and revolutionize. Yet, they can be abused, and too comfortably are. Opening a dialogue of political debate by confining me to my gender restricts the productivity of that debate from the start. Those simple but potent words overlook my identity and label me as a stereotype destined to fit into a mold. They indicate that in our debate, you cannot look past my sex. That you will not be receptive to what I have to say if it doesn't fit into what I should be saying, "as a woman."

That is the issue with politics today. The media and our politicians, those who are meant to encourage and protect democracy, divide us into these stereotypes. We are too often told that because we are female, because we are young adults, because we are a minority, because we are middle-aged males without college degrees, that we are meant to vote and to feel one way, and any other way is misguided. Before a conversation has begun, we are divided against our will. Too many of us fail to inform ourselves of the issues and construct opinions that are entirely our own, unencumbered by what the mainstream tells us we are meant to believe.

We, as a people, have become limited to these classifications. Are we not more than a demographic?

As a student of political science, seeking to enter a workforce dominated by men, yes, I am a woman, but foremost I am a scholar, I am a leader, and I am autonomous. I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.

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Actually, President Trump, It Is A Scary Time For *Women*

It wouldn't have to be a scary time for men or women if our judicial system knew how to properly handle sexual assault allegations.


After the Senate hearings for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump reflected that it was, "a scary time for young men in America" because they should be afraid of being accused of something they never did.

Many viral posts have arisen since the news of the allegations against Kavanaugh showing support for his most prominent accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and showing a long list of what girls do on a daily basis to protect themselves from being sexually assaulted, versus a very short list of what men do to protect themselves.

While I agree that not all men are dangerous, I think we all see how unsafe and broken our nation is.

Personally, when I traveled to Morocco alone, I was told it was unbelievably dangerous and I would be kidnapped and raped, but I cannot even go to Walmart in my small hometown because I hear about men stalking women in the store almost weekly.

It is alarming that I felt safer in Morocco by myself than in our local Walmart.

I remember just four years ago I could go to Walmart and feel completely fine and now I never go without my parents or a taser. When I leave my car, I have to look around constantly to see if anyone is following me, check under my car before I load groceries into it, and drive in circles around the parking lot to make sure I will not be followed. I cannot get groceries off campus unless I have at least one guy with me because it simply isn't safe.

It is sad because I know I am one of the millions of women who deal with this fear daily.

Lynzy Lab wrote a song responding to Trump's idea that it is a scary time for men and encourages everyone to vote so that we can change our fates and our futures. Her lyrics mention a short list of things women CAN'T do and shows how this compares to the "scary" things men are facing.

The first line of her song says, "I can't walk to my car late at night while on the phone." I know my family has drilled in me not to be on my phone when walking anywhere alone whether it is crowded or during the day, or anything. We are taught it is not safe to talk on the phone while walking from our car to a store because some man might be following us and we wouldn't be paying attention.

"I can't wear a miniskirt if it's the only one I own" is another lyric that touches on a topic that absolutely infuriates me.

Men and women alike think that because a girl wears scandalous clothing that she is asking to be assaulted or deserves to be assaulted, which is absolutely barbaric. Women have every right to wear whatever they want to because it is their body and they have every right to want to look sexy and want sex.

No woman who wears a short skirt is asking to be assaulted or deserves to be raped. Personally, I wear long sleeves and jeans in the summer heat and I am still harassed when walking to class or getting food. I would love for a man to tell me how he has had to dress for his own safety.

Before I left for university, my gifts consisted of ways to protect myself such as alarms, a taser, and my stepdad gave me a lesson on self-defense. He taught me that "I can't ever leave my drink unattended" even if it isn't alcohol. Girls are taught all of these ways to protect themselves before they leave for universities and honestly I don't know why parents don't tell their sons not to drug and rape women.

Maybe they assume they shouldn't have to teach their sons not to rape girls, which I agree with completely. We shouldn't have to tell boys not to do these things but unfortunately, I think our society is reaching a point where we need to. Even in health classes, the curriculum mentions ways women need to protect themselves rather than telling men not to drug women in the first place.

Lynzy says "I can't have another drink even if I want more" which is so sad.

If a woman was drunk when she was assaulted, she is automatically assumed to be lying about her assault. The Stanford rape victim said it best when she said "Alcohol is not an excuse. Is it a factor? Yes. But alcohol was not the one who stripped me, fingered me, had my head dragging against the ground, with me almost fully naked. Having too much to drink was an amateur mistake that I admit to, but it is not criminal."

Alcohol is not the perpetrator in this situation and I don't think alcohol should discredit the man or woman's testimony in the event of a trial. Women should not have to live in fear of being taken advantage of when drinking or when sober, we should all be free to enjoy ourselves.

I wouldn't be surprised if this video encourages other women to share long lists of things they can't do without being in fear. I hope something like this does start so that we as women can see that we aren't the only ones with these fears and so that guys can see how we feel.

I hope for future generations that we learn from this.

But sure, it's a scary time for men because their reputations are so important and any woman who is brave enough to come forth about her sexual assault is out to ruin a man's future. Forget the trauma this woman has been through and the pain she is facing reliving every last detail in front of an entire courtroom because her future is going to be rainbows and butterflies while the perpetrator is doomed to face the consequences he deserved.

If our nation's leaders continue to discredit any sexual assault allegation and mock the #MeToo movement, why should we expect anyone to believe any sexual assault allegation?

So, no President Trump, men do not need to fear that women will come forth and accuse them of something they haven't done. Only 2% of all sexual assault allegations that women actually come forth with are false.

Men have no reason to fear an unfair outcome. The only thing they have to fear is the fact that they might have to face consequences — oh no!

It is not a scary time for men and if we can improve the way our judicial systems handle sexual assault cases, neither men or women would have to live in fear.

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