7 Things About Your "Private Parts" That They Don't Teach You In School
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Health and Wellness

7 Things About Your 'Private Parts' That Will Keep Them Healthy And Happy

You can live off water, but your genitals need a little more self care than that!

7 Things About Your 'Private Parts' That Will Keep Them Healthy And Happy

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear, “back to front or front to back?" Its something you would think ALL OF US should know, but we don't and that's ok! Today we're going to dive into everything they didn't want to talk about in sex...HERE WE GO!!

1. The best kind of love is...SELF- LOVE! (Masturbation)

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Masturbation? What is it? Can you do it too? YES!

One of the most tragic parts about our culture is its inability to accept masturbation as a natural and healthy habit in our lives! Personally, I always thought it was something that only guys could do and as a woman, I never saw how I could benefit from such a practice. BUT after doing a little research and watching a few films, it's easy to see how helpful masturbating really is! I mean really when do we ever get some time to get to know our "private parts?" It's is even scientifically proven that orgasms release endorphins which contribute to our overall sense of well-being!

2. You ARE what you EAT... (Flavor)


AND you taste like it! Many of us should already know that some foods can greatly affect the way that our genitals taste and smell. In fact, "Any kind of intake, whether it's food, medication, or drink, can affect the flavor of your semen or vaginal fluid," according to Dr. Carol Queen, a sociologist and sexologist. Simply being conscious of what you are eating can make a huge difference in the taste of your bodily excretions. Smoking and alcohol are also not your "peewee's" best friend, turning your fluids tangy and smelly.

3. Now, let's get those juices flowing! (Vaginal Fluids)

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AHHHHHHH, fluids...so many to choose from with so little time! Let's start with one of our most commonly know, vaginal fluids! This collection of fluids can include anything from vaginal discharge to ejaculation fluids, and today we will discuss a little bit about everything.

First, vaginal discharge, which is NOT ejaculation fluid, keeps the vagina clean and can range in color from white/clear to yellowish-green (which signifies an infection). It's always safe to monitor discharge; symptoms like severe itchiness or burning can also signify and infection.

NOW, female ejaculation fluid is a little different than male ejaculation fluid in a few ways. The first major difference is that where males release sperm during orgasm, females don't release eggs. In other words, female orgasms don't have the potential to lead to pregnancy. During arousal ,the urethra of the vagina release a fluid that serves as a natural lubrication for the vagina! Both of these fluids can be affected by your diet and water intake, therefore its VITAL that we take in the correct foods as well as staying hydrated!

4. Look out, here we CUM! (Penis Fluids)


Semen is not the only fluid we see from our friend, "the penis!" The funny thing about health classes and sexual education is that you learn about everything BUT the things that really matter!

For example, most people don't hear about "pre-cum" until we get to college! "What's pre-cum?" Well, pre-cum is a clear, mucus-like, pre-ejaculation fluid that works to neutralize the urine in the urethra of the penis during arousal. It also works as a natural lubricant but doesn't contain sperm. In the case that there might be semen present in pre-cum prior to ejaculation, it can cause gestation or lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Semen, on the other hand, is where the sperm is and this is why it is recommended that partners use a condom during sex to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Semen can range in color from white to off-white/yellow (which can signify an infection). It is always safe to monitor semen; symptoms like itching, burning or swelling can be an infection. Also, like vaginal fluids, fluids from the penis are also greatly influenced by diet and water intake.

 5. "Pull-out" game? (STD Health)


YIKES, you can never be TOO sure! As convenient as unprotected sex may seem, think about how inconvenient the possibilities could be! Not only do condoms protect us from unwanted pregnancies, they also protect us from HIV and other STDs that are easily transferred through intercourse and the sharing of bodily fluids! Protecting yourself should always be for your safety and that of everyone involved, FIRST!

6. Your parents can't wipe your butt ANYMORE!! (Proper Cleansing/Wiping)


HA, bet you weren't expecting that one! YES, how important it is to properly wipe, BUT ALSO to properly cleanse the body when the time has come to do so. You should always wipe FRONT TO BACK, and (if available) us a wet wipe to remove any waste that may remain. It should also be mentioned that when showering it is good practice to ensure that we not only clean the surface of the butt BUT ALSO in between the cheeks where any remaining waste may hide. The appearance of your waste is also a great determinate of a person's health status, ranging in both color and consistency. It's always important to stay hydrated to allow think passage of waste from the body. Poop is also 75% water so imagine how much Its being hydrated makes YOUR job!

7. The only time you HAVE to be pretty basic...(PH Balance)


Finally, lets never forget to consider our pH balance in the grand scheme of things! Your pH balance helps maintain the comfort and health of the genitals. In women, vaginal issues often occur when vaginal pH is unbalanced. For men, the penis produces fluids and other secretions that, if not properly cleaned, can lead to itching and inflammation.

Not as bad as any of us expected and there's so much more that you can learn about the body and the amazing things that it can do! Never wait for anyone to show you a picture of your uterus or explain why you have two kidneys instead of one; all of this you could give yourself!

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