2 Major Sex Tips From An Outsider

2 Major Sex Tips From An Outsider

We all would love to have sex advice 24/7 and sometimes there are times where you're just too embarrassed to ask about it


Alright, ladies and gents lets have the sex talk!

When in college I came very in touch with myself, figuratively and literally. I learned all of the stuff that makes me happy sexually as well as learning about what I deserve from partners that I have in my life. Let's start out with being pleased sexually... this might be an awkward topic for you but I'm the one writing it so I should be more embarrassed.

1. Sex shops are not a scary place

The first time I went into a sex shop I felt very uncomfortable but when I came in the employees started showing me different products they had; including vibrators, lube, and different kinds of sex toys. After that it made me think it was more of a learning experience for you and your body because there are so many different things that can pleasure you; not only a mans junk. And men, there are definitely many toys there for you too, so don't worry about that. Once I realized I was comfortable in the sex shop I decided to start taking my friends that have never been because it is such a crazy place that everyone should go to. I took my friend Abi for her first time and when she walked in she was a little freaked out. But, once she started seeing all of the weird and funny s#!t the anxiousness wore off. She ended up buying a vibrator and I am POSITIVE that she does not regret that decision one bit.

2. Discover your body alone and with a partner

It's very important for you to understand your body and realize what you need to please yourself. Once you flick your bean or tickle your pickle, it gives you the advantage to tell your partner where to touch you and how to please you. You're the one that knows your body more than anyone else. If you have an ongoing relationship, friends with benefits or even a one night stand you need to guide them in a way to make you feel good; and they should do the same. I honestly think that it is the most attractive when a person knows what they want in bed and ask you "does this feel good?". As long as they aren't being cocky about their actions by saying stuff like "Oh yeah can you handle this? I know this feels good to you". THAT'S ALWAYS A TURN OFF SO PLEASE MEN DON'T DO THIS.

I want people to not be afraid to ask for what they want during sex; It is supposed to be fun and free-willed. I love seeing people happy and that's why I want to talk to all of you beautiful people about sex. Most people are scared to talk about it, and I definitely was at first too, but now that I know it is something to bring you pleasure. By doing this it increases your endorphins and oxytocin levels in your body and makes you a happier person all around. So happy sexing... but be SAFE!

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