2 Major Sex Tips From An Outsider

2 Major Sex Tips From An Outsider

We all would love to have sex advice 24/7 and sometimes there are times where you're just too embarrassed to ask about it


Alright, ladies and gents lets have the sex talk!

When in college I came very in touch with myself, figuratively and literally. I learned all of the stuff that makes me happy sexually as well as learning about what I deserve from partners that I have in my life. Let's start out with being pleased sexually... this might be an awkward topic for you but I'm the one writing it so I should be more embarrassed.

1. Sex shops are not a scary place

The first time I went into a sex shop I felt very uncomfortable but when I came in the employees started showing me different products they had; including vibrators, lube, and different kinds of sex toys. After that it made me think it was more of a learning experience for you and your body because there are so many different things that can pleasure you; not only a mans junk. And men, there are definitely many toys there for you too, so don't worry about that. Once I realized I was comfortable in the sex shop I decided to start taking my friends that have never been because it is such a crazy place that everyone should go to. I took my friend Abi for her first time and when she walked in she was a little freaked out. But, once she started seeing all of the weird and funny s#!t the anxiousness wore off. She ended up buying a vibrator and I am POSITIVE that she does not regret that decision one bit.

2. Discover your body alone and with a partner

It's very important for you to understand your body and realize what you need to please yourself. Once you flick your bean or tickle your pickle, it gives you the advantage to tell your partner where to touch you and how to please you. You're the one that knows your body more than anyone else. If you have an ongoing relationship, friends with benefits or even a one night stand you need to guide them in a way to make you feel good; and they should do the same. I honestly think that it is the most attractive when a person knows what they want in bed and ask you "does this feel good?". As long as they aren't being cocky about their actions by saying stuff like "Oh yeah can you handle this? I know this feels good to you". THAT'S ALWAYS A TURN OFF SO PLEASE MEN DON'T DO THIS.

I want people to not be afraid to ask for what they want during sex; It is supposed to be fun and free-willed. I love seeing people happy and that's why I want to talk to all of you beautiful people about sex. Most people are scared to talk about it, and I definitely was at first too, but now that I know it is something to bring you pleasure. By doing this it increases your endorphins and oxytocin levels in your body and makes you a happier person all around. So happy sexing... but be SAFE!

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I Support Late-Term Abortions, That Doesn't Make Me A Baby-Hating Monster

A late-term abortion is a horrible, devastating and heartbreaking choice... but one I'm glad women have.


If you think that late-term abortions are for mothers who get to 8.5 months and then randomly decide they no longer want to have a baby, then don't even read this article. This article is not to argue with ignorance. Read some unbiased articles, actually, think about it for two seconds and then realize that women who are due any day now aren't just going to terminate their pregnancies because it is "legal" now. (It is not.)

I've seen so many posts and comments and arguments, the crux of them being, "I can't imagine aborting my child after 24 weeks."

Well, guess what... The women this law will apply to probably can't imagine it, either.

Nearly all abortions occur in the first trimester of pregnancy (approximately 91.1%). This tells us what is (more than likely) a pretty obvious fact: That beyond the first trimester, most women are planning to keep their baby (or give him or her up for adoption). So you can imagine that even being presented with the option of termination would be heartbreaking.

Imagine this: You're pregnant and absolutely ecstatic to bring a child into the world. You go in for an appointment at 30 weeks. During the exam, your doctor is quiet. You are growing extremely anxious. They tell you that they have some bad news. Your daughter has a serious condition, one that will allow her to live less than a year. They can perform a c-section, she will be in the NICU for a long time, but even once you take her home, she has an extremely low chance of survival. Her life will be painful. Or, they can perform an abortion.

What do you choose? For some, they absolutely cannot fathom the idea of termination. They'd rather take a chance at life. And for some, they cannot even fathom the idea of watching their child live a painful, short life that will end in incredible heartbreak.

Both of these are traumatizing decisions. Your pregnancy and your hope for the future and your plans for the child you are so excited for have come crashing down. This is not a lightly made decision. And if you would choose to take your chances, pray for a miracle and get to hold your child in your arms, you should have every single right to.

But if you decide that the trauma of terminating your pregnancy without having to fall further in love with your child and watch him or her struggle every day and deal with the gutwrenching pain of losing them, you should have every single right to make that choice, too.

This is not cut and dry. This is something that changes from woman to woman, from family to family. But one thing stays the same: Learning that the life that you planned for your baby can no longer be as you desperately hoped is heartbreaking. It is a uniquely horrific feeling that, you're right, you can't imagine. No one can imagine it until they're living it. I write about it and I think about it and I have to assume that there is nothing in this world that can prepare you for it.

Posting and commenting that women who choose the path of late-term termination are monsters or killers or heartless is wrong.

Picture this: A pregnant woman and her husband, sitting in an exam room alone after learning devastating news about their pregnancy. They're holding one another, sobbing, thinking through their options. Trying to decide if ending their pregnancy, crushing the hopes and dreams they had for their little baby is the right choice, or continuing on and hoping for a miracle but knowing they should prepare for the heartbreak of their lives. Picture them, through tears, while holding an ultrasound photo to their chest, telling the doctor they choose to terminate. Picture them going home, sitting in the nursery they decorated, calling their parents and telling them their grandchild won't be arriving.

Are you picturing a couple of monsters? A couple of heartless killers?

Or do you see a family put into an impossible situation, trying to make an impossible decision for themselves and their unborn child? A family who threw a baby shower and decorated their nursery and argued over the perfect name for months. Who took progress photos of their baby bump, who talked about what sports their kid would play, who had to hear the devastating news that turned their world upside down?

I don't see a monster. I don't see a killer.

I see pain, I see hardship, I see love.

And I hope that you do, too.

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