7 Things You Should Do During Your Last Week Of High School
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7 Things You Should Do During Your Last Week Of High School

Freedom is just a few days away.

7 Things You Should Do During Your Last Week Of High School

The day you’ve been waiting for is right around the corner. Soon you won’t have to walk through crowded, stuffy hallways and sit through classes, or brave the cafeteria food. High school is coming to an end, and it’s your last week before freedom! Here are seven things you should do during your last week.

1. Talk to friends you've lost touch with

It’s normal for people to drift apart over the course of high school, but maybe stop them in the hall just to catch up. Ask them about their future plans so that you can stay in touch when you’re in college and need a familiar friend to talk to.

2. Actually study for finals

It’s the end of the year, and everyone is burnt out, including the teachers. It might be hard to muster up the motivation to study, but you’re so close to being done. It’s better to finish strong than risk not graduating. Chances are, when you’re in college, you’re going to wish you had those easy high school exams.

3. Talk with your favorite teachers and thank them

There are probably one or two teachers that have actually taught you something during your four years, this is your time to thank them. Write them a letter or get them a gift or just tell them how much they have helped you. Teaching isn’t an easy job, and for a teacher to hear they’ve had an impact on your life will mean a lot to them. Keep in contact with them after high school, they may give you a good reference down the line and they’ll like to hear what you end up doing in the future.

4. Go to the last school events

You may not have been super involved with all of the school events, and that’s okay, but branch out and try something new. Maybe a choir concert isn’t your thing, but you'll never get to go again. This is a chance to see some school events you never went to before and get to see some live entertainment instead of spending a night browsing Netflix.

5. Take pictures

High school isn’t all great memories, but try to make some during your last week and document them. It’s impossible to remember everything in your life, so a few pictures will bring back old high school memories.

6. Say what you really mean

It’s likely that you don’t know everyone in your high school on a first name basis, unless you go to a small private school. You might start to feel like you’ve missed out on opportunities to make friendships and haven’t told people what you really think. Maybe you’ve always thought that one kid in your science class has a great sense of humor,or maybe you've liked a girl who sits by you in English class since freshman year, so tell them! You’ve got nothing to lose with a week left of high school, so speak your mind and be more honest with people.

7. Relax and enjoy your time

Maybe high school wasn’t your favorite time in your life, and maybe you don’t have a huge friends group at your school. That’s perfectly fine, but it means that you should make time for the people you do like and try to make the most out of your final days. You’re only in high school once.

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