Seven Things To Look Forward To In November
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Seven Things To Look Forward To In November

For the 11th month of the year, some pretty great things go on

Seven Things To Look Forward To In November

Halloween is over and the big holiday season is right around the corner, but there is a month in between, also known as November, filled with plenty of great things. Here are a list of seven:

1. Thanksgiving

This is the day to remember and share all that you are thankful for. It is also arguably the best food holiday of the year. Intentionally designed to give you the worst (or best) food coma of your existence, the fourth Thursday of the month is also known as the best day of the month. As you sit down to a table filled with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, freshly baked bread, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and any other delicious side you can think of, your empty plate in front of you turns into an endless mound of food. Not to mention, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade airing in the background, or football if you're into that kind of thing.

2. Black Friday

For all of those brave enough, and digested enough, like myself, to embrace the craziness of Black Friday, power to you. What I like to call the "shopping holiday" follows the dense Thanksgiving meal with insane deals being fought over buy just as insane crowds. People watching is the best aspect of it all, lets be real, but coming home with bags filled with good deals, it is hard to pass up the beginning mark of the holiday shopping season.

3. Break from School

Holiday time means break time. For students everywhere, this is a major sigh of relief. Following the mid-semester stress and influx of tests and assignments, these few days off provide the much needed relaxing and unwinding to rejuvenate and prepare for the final leg of the semester. It is the week we all like to ignore all school related responsibilities and pretend that finals aren't right around the corner.

4. No Shave November

Yup, it is the time of year where men and women alike can partake in not shaving for the entire month. I don't know, some people dig it.

5. The Mark of Holiday Season

The end of November marks the beginning of the holiday decorations, music, and spirit. The present shopping begins, the decorations are brought out of storage, and almost every radio station plays some sort of holiday song at least once throughout the day. The television channels release their holiday movie schedule and wearing Christmas sweaters officially becomes acceptable again. (Granted, all of this must take place after Thanksgiving, because let's be real, we can't completely skip over the best food holiday of the year.)

6. Christmas Cookies

The beginning of the holiday season means the beginning of CHRISTMAS COOKIE SEASON! The possibilities are endless, the sweet tooth is never complaining, and the kitchen always smells delicious.

7. Starbucks Holiday Drinks

The red cups come back! Time to move away from everything pumpkin flavored and into everything peppermint and cookie flavored. Flavored hot cocoa is ready to become the norm again.

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