October is Over
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October is Over

How did the Best Month Slip Away so Quickly?

October is Over

October is an absolutely beautiful month. You will not find too many people who look down upon this month with contempt. It seems as if the first day of the month was just yesterday, but now here we are approaching the end. Below I have compiled a list, some factual and some opinionated, of reasons why I think October is the best month.

1. The weather is unbeatable...usually

Growing up in Texas and now living in Oklahoma, weather is a frequently discussed subject. Though October weather certainly isn't perfect, it is about as good as it gets around here. It is a period in which the triple-digit days of Summer have finally left while the bitterly cold and windy days of winter loom in the future. You pretty much experience all four seasons in October; therefore, you will experience your "ideal weather" at some point. October typically marks the genesis of "hoodie and sweatpants" season, for whatever that's worth. It also typically means that it is time to begin using fireplaces and making sure your hot chocolate supply is adequate. We complain about the weather far too often when we should instead seek to enjoy each October day while it lasts and be thankful as opposed to complaining.

2. It marks the apex of the sports season

October is arguably the best month in the chaotic and adrenaline-pumping realm of sports. Whereas at some points in the year it seems like no intense competition is occurring, that just is not the case in October. Firstly, it means getting into the quality conference games in the world of college football. There are at least two marquee matchups on a weekly basis. At the same time, the NFL season is also heating up. October is when teams begin to give fans an idea of playoff expectations. This is also the peak of the volleyball, soccer, and cross-country seasons. Not to be forgotten, October is the month where legends are made. It contains a vast majority of MLB playoff games and usually crowns a World Series champion. Furthermore, it marks the beginning of the NCAA and the NBA basketball seasons. There's something for everyone!

3. It allows the true light of the world to shine

Halloween, believe it or not, is probably not a holiday we should celebrate. As much as today's culture has normalized and changed the meaning of Halloween, its original intentions were to celebrate the darkness of the devil. Sure, it is right to recognize the devil and be reminded of his craftiness, but to celebrate him is crossing an emboldened line. Yes, he is real and loves to attack in the darkness, but in the middle of that dark and oftentimes frightening holiday rests the Light of the world. God illuminates every dark thing when we have the courage to drag it into the light. I think Halloween is a subtle reminder from the brightest light that we, on earth, are called to each shine our own light until darkness is eliminated. Perhaps the coolest thing about Halloween is that the following day is All Saints' Day, a day in which Christians recognize that we used to live in darkness but have been rescued from that darkness and have such a bright future.

4. Pumpkin Spice is prevalent

I mean… c'mon now… the title of this section tells you all that you need to know. Starbucks and coffee fanatics everywhere wait in anticipation all year for October because it means the return of Pumpkin-Spice flavored drinks. A hot Pumpkin Spice Latte on a chilly Fall day is a wonderful feeling. These drinks are seasonal, meaning you should take advantage of them while you can. They don't typically last much longer than October. I highly recommend trying one of these if you have not done so.

5. Marks anticipation for the holiday season

Sure, Halloween can be enjoyable and bring happiness, but few would deny that it is nothing in comparison to the holidays to come. Halloween has no real significance and only begins to stir the emotions that the holidays of the next few months bring. Halloween is just a few weeks after the midway point of the first semester, meaning that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching. October's end means it is finally acceptable for people to start thinking about Christmas decorations, trees, and lights, though it is still a little early for this. October is a refreshing month, a time when students and employees revamp their energy and dedication because the approaching holidays encourage them to finish the current season of the year strongly.

6. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One of the coolest things about October is that it is recognized nationwide as Breast Cancer Awareness month. October is more than just an opportunity for athletes to wear pink tape; it is a chance to bring attention to a specific disease that impacts almost 300,000 Americans and a disease in cancer that impacts 100 million people. Unfortunately, there is no significant known cure, but we should use October as an opportunity to inch closer to finding that cure. Almost everyone either has or knows someone who has fought this evil battle, yet we rarely give thought to its monstrosity and ability to corrupt relationships. Let October serve as a reminder to us that God never fails. Even when we cannot see it or feel it, he is moving mountains and is helping us triumph every evil.

7. It is representative of change

October is right in the middle of the wonderful Fall season. Fall is a time in which the leaves transition from one color to the next, and then fall off of their branches. This creates beautiful scenery in many places. More than that, however, it is a representation of our lives. As much as we want to get complacent and be satisfied with our lives as Summer ends and school begins, God calls us to do more. He wants the changing of the seasons and of nature to remind us that we are not meant to remain in the same place, but instead are meant to move forward, to change our colors, and to experience a newness of life. Though we should be prepared for the coming Winter season, we should not worry about it but should embrace this season of change. Let the foundation that you build your life on and the character you have developed remain steadfast and unwavering in the midst of a life full of change.

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