Seven Things I Just Don't Understand
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Seven Things I Just Don't Understand

Humanity feels the need to make everything we do weird and nonsensical.

Seven Things I Just Don't Understand

Sparked with a conversation I had with a friend, I compiled a list of things that I just don't understand. Even I'm guilty of a few of the habits listed below! Now, if someone could explain the complicated logic behind our tax system, that would be great....

1. How do girls take so long in the bathroom?

Now, I’m not about to lie here. When girls go to the bathroom in groups, we take forever because we talk and goof around. This I understand. What I don’t understand is how long girls take in the bathroom by themselves. It’s not unlikely to have to wait a few minutes for just one stall to open up in a public women’s restroom. Sure, sometimes you need to be in there a while (if you know what I mean...), but if it takes you more than a minute to just pee, you’re doing something wrong. I swear, some women must use their bathroom time to write their life story, or sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in its entirety in their head.

2. Why do people spit in the street?

I see men do this far more often than women, and about half the time, they end up spitting on themselves instead of the ground. I don’t understand the purpose of doing this. Do these people have a bad taste in their mouth? Are they trying to assert their dominance?

3. How do some people lack spatial awareness?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said “Excuse me!” more than twice, and someone still hasn’t noticed that they’re blocking your way. I just don’t understand people who don’t pay attention to their surroundings. Whether it’s through genuine ignorance or just plain rudeness, some people just get in the way. The worst culprits are those who walk in one direction while looking in another, stop in doorways and/ or the landings of staircases or take up the entire sidewalk. Why can’t we all just pay attention?

4. Why do people hold a door for you when you’re far away?

If I’m close behind you, then by all means, don’t let the door slam in my face. However, it makes no sense for people hold the door for me when I’m so far away that I feel the need to jog to the door so they aren’t such waiting for me. Maybe this is considered impolite, but if the door can swing completely closed behind me before the stranger behind me gets to it, then I’m not going to hold the door for them. I will gladly hold the door for someone right behind me, but I refuse to hold the door for an awkwardly long amount of time for an able-bodied adult.

5. Why do people share too much on Facebook/ social media?

I can’t comprehend why people overshare and have what should be private conversations all over Facebook and other social media platforms. There’s nothing that my generation enjoys more than watching a good fight go down on Facebook and having word spread quickly. It reflects poorly on anyone involved when you overshare and wage wars on social media, so just keep it to yourself, or at least keep it off the Internet.

6. Why are taxes are so complicated?

I don’t understand why filing your taxes has to be so difficult. Why do there have to be so many deductions and rules, and why is it my job to figure out how much I should pay? If I could just get sent a bill for what I owe, that would be fantastic. I’ve just simplified tax season; you’re welcome, America.

7. Why is everyone I went to high school with already getting married!?

Last, but certainly not least, is the topic that sparked this list. I cannot fathom why everyone is getting married so young. I especially cringe when I see young couples get engaged when they’ve been together for only a year. Sure, there are certain circumstances where it is highly beneficial to the couple if they get married (like if one of them is enlisting in the military), but otherwise, I just can’t understand the rush. Relationships are not defined by their legal status, and it’s okay to take your time getting to really know someone before you commit the rest of your life to them. However, I’d be a fool if I believed that all love functions at the same speed. Perhaps some people can know they’ve found their soulmate with just one year together; if so, then I wish them many happy years together. However, I personally can’t understand the appeal of getting married that young, so no one will be dragging me down the aisle before I’m out of college and have been in a steady relationship for multiple years!

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