100 Things that Annoy Me
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Student Life

100 Things that Annoy Me

there are a lot of things that annoy me. here they are.

100 Things that Annoy Me
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When writing this… I definitely noticed a few themes. When I wrote this list, I did so in a stream of consciousness – I did not think of 100 different things that annoyed or bother me, but rather thought of my number one pet peeve and thought of other annoyances that are related to the previous one. Not only am I completely hypocritical (me being / doing some of the things on this list) but I do not take into any personal reasons for why people do these things. But I did learn a few things from this list; mostly that I just really don’t like people, but I also want to point out that I think it’s really annoying when people say “they hate people”, so there’s an example there.

I also kind of realized that many of my topics loop. I started off with hating people to hating the way our world works, only to come right back to people. I’ve also come to realize that it seemed almost too easy for me to list 100 things that annoy me, and for that, maybe I really need to chill out! I also did attempt to be slightly humorous when writing this, so do take into account that i'm not 100% serious with some of these.

okay. read. enjoy!

  1. obnoxious people
  2. people who think they’re so smart, but aren't actually smart.
  3. people who think they’re such special snowflakes
  4. people who say they’re going to do things, and don’t
  5. people who don’t do anything in times of oppression
  6. people who are irresponsible
  7. people who need constant validity to the point where talking to them is a chore
  8. people who don’t know when to shut up
  9. people with no sense of hygiene
  10. people who don’t shut cabinet doors when they’ve taken something out of them.
  11. people who treat you like shit because they’re in a bad mood
  12. maybe just… people in general???
  13. screaming children
  14. dogs barking at 9am on the dot while I’m trying to sleep
  15. Being woken up (and I’m a light sleeper, so the struggle is real).
  16. Not being able to wake up
  17. Not being able to fall asleep even after I take medicine to help me fall asleep
  18. How costly medicine is
  19. Capitalism
  20. How messed up Black Friday really is – I mean, we just celebrated a day for being thankful? And then we line up at the first chance we get to buy more things?!
  21. How pricey everything is – want a gallon of milk? Five bucks. Want a college education? $20,000+
  22. How colleges and universities charge you for “university fees”, so they can “lower tuition” but still bill you a crap ton.
  23. How no one can truly prepare you for college, or how to be responsible
  24. How messed up it is that dress codes for girls are so much more strict than for men
  25. Speaking of men – the patriarchy
  26. How there is almost no such thing as plus size clothes that look good, feel good, and are at an affordable price.
  27. The negative connotations to women being overweight (AKA: being called “stupid”, “cows”, “ugly”, etc).
  28. People who are generally mean to other people
  29. The underrepresentation of minorities in media
  30. Clickbait articles that I know I shouldn’t click, but do anyways
  31. The idea that companies want to charge people for using the internet??? Like what???
  32. How messed up some companies run (in terms of labor, location, and taxes).
  33. … people who work around laws and ‘play the system’ to get what they want… even if it means losing almost a billion dollars to avoid paying taxes for ten years… just saying.
  34. People who think taxes are bad
  35. People who don’t care about other people, and are too egocentric to get over themselves
  36. Trying to find out why people do the things they do, what motivates us, and why we make the decisions we do.
  37. Existentialism
  38. Textbooks that use “big words” for students, where all they’re trying to do is learn the content, not the vocabulary.
  39. How messed up it is that English is forced taught in Massachusetts schools.
  40. How people don’t seem to care about global events, because it doesn’t directly affect you
  41. How people say they’re going to go to an event, but then actually don’t go
  42. Having to go to events (if I don’t want to go, I will let you know)
  43. Having to make small talk with people
  44. Checking out people on dating apps and dating sites (I’m sorry, it just feels too fake for me).
  45. Fake people
  46. Fake food that looks like it SHOULD be eaten, but no
  47. How limited vegan food options are
  48. How bad almost all foods are for you
  49. How annoying it is to try and be healthy, when you have a long way to go
  50. Knowing that you’re unhealthy and not being able to change it
  51. Know that you’re around people that you don’t like, but not being able to cut them out of your life
  52. People who don’t understand your family, and think that all families should be a nuclear setup
  53. People who think children are obsessed with themselves when they say they dislike their parents
  54. Children who (in turn) do not appreciate all the hard work, time, effort and love that they give their children
  55. Children who are given everything by their parents, to the point where they’re perpetually children
  56. Children who were never given any help or support from their parents, and had to be An Adult at a young age
  57. Parents who don’t believe in mental illness
  58. People who don’t believe that mental illness and disabilities are real
  59. Not being given proper downtime to relax after a long day
  60. Long days
  61. Bad days
  62. Days where you wish you never got out of bed
  63. Days where you wish you DID get out of bed on time
  64. When your bed is super warm and comfy and you don’t want to step out into the winter cold of your room
  65. The struggle between wanting to put makeup on in the morning, or be late
  66. Being late
  67. The look that people give you when you walk into a class more than five minutes late
  68. When you don’t even want to be at a place so you go on your phone as a social crutch
  69. When your phone battery dies within four hours
  70. When your phone glitches and does the thing where you type but the words don’t type
  71. When you have a mini panic attack when you think you lost your phone
  72. Being so depended on cellphones
  73. How people think that technology is bad and that it’s ruining us
  74. Dumb internet memes (only the dumb ones)
  75. The word “memes” – like, where did this originate from?
  76. Finding out what the name “meme” comes from, and why it’s strangely scientific, compared to the actual stupid internet jokes that they are?
  77. People who don’t understand the internet
  78. People who don’t wish to learn about technology
  79. “old” old people (you know what I’m talking about)
  80. Old people who don’t care about the next generation
  81. People who undervalue the beauty of Star Trek: Next Generation
  82. People who overvalue “Shitcoms” or other garbage but somehow beloved shows – such as Full House, Gilmore Girls, Friends, etc.
  83. People who think that kids shows are therefore “bad television”
  84. People who take some shows way too seriously
  85. People who take anything too seriously
  86. Dabbing; I fucking hate dabbing. It was cool at first, but now you look ridiculous.
  87. Rap songs that feature actual negative imagery of women (though they are surprisingly few and far between).
  88. How a majority of songs now ‘a day’s are about love or romance or how sexy someone is
  89. How hypersexualized everything in the media is
  90. How people think that all people who suffer from ADHD are hyper “LOL SO RANDUMB” all the time… (Because hint: they’re not).
  91. People who are actually “LOL SO RANDUMB”.
  92. Theater majors™
  93. People who think they’re good at something simply because it is their major course of study (for example: I love reading, I’m an English major! I love writing essays, I’m a History major!).
  94. Finding the willpower and attention to sit down and read a book, even though you know it’s going to be good.
  95. Reading a book to find out that it’s really bad at the end… but you can’t stop
  96. People spoiling books
  97. People spoiling any endings
  98. Having to wait for months / years for a show to come back
  99. Having to wait on people
  100. People
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