50 Things I'll Never Understand
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50 Things I'll Never Understand

When will the world start to make sense to me?

50 Things I'll Never Understand

Every now in then in life, I just get genuinely confused. There's so many things that just don't make any sense. From things that make me angry to things that just don't add up right, there's a plethora of things that I will just never understand. Here's 50 of them.

1. People who have so much crap in their garage that they can't park in it (which is the whole point of a garage).

2. How Trump has made it this far in the election.

3. College is pretty much required to make a decent living, meaning I am required to spend $60,000 right after high school when my biggest purchase had been a bicycle.

4. People getting pregnant on accident while the people that actually want kids struggle to have them.

5. Men that suppress their emotions in fear of seeming like less of a man.

6. Men that don't want a relationship but don't want you seeing anyone else.

7. Men that ghost you and randomly come back into your life (can you tell I'm having man troubles?).

8. Parents that don't know how to say no to their children.

9. Prices of feminine products.

10. Why women have the menstrual cycles, heavy breasts and have to give birth.

11. The way that dress codes in schools target girls.

12. Girls that don't confide in their mothers.

13. Bugs feeling the need to buzz by your ear and scare the living daylights out of you.

14. Why bugs are so tiny and sometimes harmless, yet so terrifying.

15. Why presents are only reserved for holidays (I like gifts 365 days of the year).

16. Twerking videos.

17. How I'm supposed to have my life together by graduation.

18. Vegans.

19. How all of these election data collectors got my phone number.

20. Professors that expect me to function properly at 8 a.m.

21. Negative views of taking several naps a day.

22. Cats.

23. Why Shonda Rhimes feels the need to play with my emotions every Thursday.

24. Blake Lively's post-baby body.

25. Ryan Reynolds is 40 years old and looks 25.

26. Men are praised for sleeping with countless women but women are deemed sluts for doing the same thing.

27. My ankles always get ashy.

28. I always come home from The Local with bruises.

29. Reusable water bottles always taste like whatever flavored drink you put in it no matter how many times you wash it.

30. Math.

31. Screamer Preachers.

32. The idea that having a significant other takes away from the college experience.

33. Abstract paintings.

34. Lip piercings.

35. The entire Kardashian family.

36. People coming into my work (Michael Kors) and complaining about how expensive everything is.... it's Michael Kors. What did you expect?

37. How Ivanka Trump isn't disgusted by her father.

38. Nudes.

39. People that expect nudes just because they have a significant other.

40. Crocs.

41. Aggressive drivers.

42. Chemistry.

43. People that are always on their phones when you see them but don't answer your calls.

44. People that say they don't care what's for dinner but then reject the options you give them.

45. People that don't wear shoes in the dining hall.

46. How people forget how to drive when there's an ounce of rain on the road.

47. Why Forever 21's clothes fall apart after wearing them twice.

48. BYOB frat parties.

49. How the horrible people I know are engaged and married and I'm a good girl with family values still stuck on Tinder.

50. Why carbs are so freaking good.

The world just doesn't make sense to me, and 20 years from now I think I'll still be confused. Oh well. I'm going to go eat a burger and contemplate why people don't eat them with a bun.

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