The Seven Steps Of An Introvert's Nightmare

The Seven Steps Of An Introvert's Nightmare

As an introvert, a social event can seem like you're in a scary movie.

Give us monsters, zombies, terror - anything but a social event! Am I right, fellow introverts? Sometimes we just can't handle the crowds, the noise or the people. Sometimes all we want to do is be alone. However, this is not always an option. Life happens, and there are people in your life. For all of those who have had to courageously crawl through a social gathering, this one's for you.

The Seven Steps of an Introvert's Nightmare:

The Invite

"Please, no, I beg you," is what you are thinking. But instead, you hear yourself say "Sure! I'll be there."

The Wait

You shiver with anxiety as you eye the calendar. The day gets closer and closer. You wonder if you can skip it somehow. You think of excuses: You got sick, you have to work. Anything. But, you already told them you would go.

The Arrival

You decide to arrive late. How late is too late? Do you wait 30 minutes, or 10? You park your car around the corner and begin the walk up to the house, despite your instinct telling you to flee.

The Attack

The door opens, revealing a room swarming with excited conversation. This was a mistake, but there is no turning back now. Faces and bodies surround you. An endless stream of voices runs through your ears. You squeeze through the crowd to a table filled with drinks. Anything to ignore the talkative strangers around you. A few people recognized you and call you out.

The Fight Back

You try to remember how to form words and talk like a human. Everyone's eyes are on you as they patiently wait for an answer. An answer? Did someone ask a question? You don't know. You end up mumbling something about your job before pretending to drink more from your cup. The group of strangers seems unimpressed with you and carry out conversations elsewhere. You quickly take this chance to squeeze out of the room while they look away.

The Fortress

You need to get out of here. You can't breathe. You find a bathroom in the house. Perfect. No one would disturb you for the next five minutes, as you crouch behind the locked door. Unfortunately, someone ruins your peace of mind by knocking loudly on the door. Your eternal alarm goes off and you spring out of the bathroom like a frightened gazelle.

The Escape

You come to the realization that you must escape. By any means possible. You're drained and exhausted. You have a headache from the noise. Where are those black dots coming from? The front door is too crowded. Look for a window or back door. Where's your friend? Doesn't matter. No time to waste. You throw your body out an open window, roll over the lawn. You don't stop until you are back at home. Breathing heavily, you collapse from fatigue, vowing to never again set foot out of your house.

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Poetry On Odyssey: Self Love

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

Self-love is the best kind of love

for you are yours

before anyone else

Nourish your mind

and feed your soul

thrive off the energy

the universe has to offer.

Always remember the

purpose and importance

you have in this world

and all the beautiful things

you have to offer.

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Why I Love Scary Movies

Everyone has a favorite movie genre, mine just happens to be the scary ones.

Movies are some of the greatest pieces of art in our modern day and age.

They can evoke all kinds of emotions, come in a ridiculous number of genres, and are just a damn good time. For me, no movies will ever match the experience of watching good horror movies. Sure, there are a ton of movies that I like watching more than horror movies. I would never go so far as to say that a horror movie was in my top 5, top ten, even top 20 movies of all time..but let me tell ya, something about the atmosphere and experience when watching horror movies just hits the spot with me.

The best way to watch a horror movie, as we all should know, is in a theater. The atmosphere is unmatched by any at-home viewing experience. The knowledge that you and many others are all sitting in the dark, waiting with baited breath for the next scare is electrifying.The size of the screen and the way-too-high volume mixed with the sound of people around you screaming at every jump scare is just incredible. But, for me, it goes beyond just that.

A lot of what makes scary movies so much fun for me is that incredible, heart-pounding, fight-or-flight adrenaline rush that I get almost every time I watch one. Don't get me wrong, I get scared very easily. I jump and hold my breath and hide just like everyone else, but something about that terror-high just makes it all worthwhile. Maybe I'm just an adrenaline junkie, but nothing gets the heart pumping quite like a nice little bit of fear. Hell, I'm terrified of clowns and I went to see Stephen King's IT by myself! I thought that maybe it'd help cure my fear of clowns, but no, its still just as bad as its ever been.

Watching scary movies with your significant other is also always a bonus. One of the best ways to score brownie points with them is to hold on to them while they're scared and put up with their antics after the movie as well. And don't be afraid to show a little fear around them too. Acting like a big bad tough guy is overrated, they'll appreciate it way more if you show a little humanity and emotion and get spooked just like everyone else.

Horror Movies for the win.

Cover Image Credit: werner22brigitte

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