If I have learned anything in my first semester of college, I learned just how important it is to love freely, openly, and deeply, but that it is never okay to spend time-fighting for someone that doesn't want to love you.

Let me explain that. By all means, we should care about others regardless of their opinions on you. It's how we as humans should treat other humans. However, if someone doesn't want to give you the time of day, why should you keep asking. That's not logical and seriously is more effort than it's worth. Now like I said, that doesn't mean it's acceptable to treat them poorly, it just means that your time and energy is better spent on the people that will give you the world.

Here are three types of people that you might find yourself going after but probably should move on from.

1. The person that doesn't respond to your texts 

If you've double, triple, or quadruple texted someone that you're interested in and they don't respond, they are not worth that next text. A text takes 30 seconds to send and if they can't give you 30 seconds of their time they sure can't give you the hours they'd need to in a relationship.

2. The person that still talks about their feelings for someone else 

I don't know if this really needs explaining, but too many people still go for the person that explicitly says that they have feelings for a different person. If they tell you the like someone else, they like someone else. Plain and simple. Move on.

3. The person that doesn't want to put a title on it 

So in some cases, it is understandable if they don't want to put a title on it, but without a really good reason, I'd start to question the motives of this person that you're going for. If y'all are going to do everything a couple does and not call yourself an item there's probably something else going on.

If you end up finding yourself falling for any of the above people, seriously think about taking a step back and deciding what's really important to you.

Focus on yourself, your friends, school. Never put all of your energy into someone that isn't going to reciprocate it. It's always okay to want to find love and be in love, but you should never settle for someone any less then what you deserve.