Energetically speaking, the root chakra sets the foundation for our security and survival. Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra holds the energies specific to family and groups. This is the basis from where we first learn about being part of the group and where we begin to grow.

At the root, we hold energies pertaining to being part of a tribe and adapting to the traditions we have inherited. It is here that we learn about forming bonds, being loyal and feeling safe in the bigger, physical world.

Often times when security and stability are lacking, the root chakra will become imbalanced and the energy dysfunctional. Some root chakra dysfunctions include chronic lower back pain, sciatica, depression, and immune-related disorders. This is why it is important to become consciously aware of the energy health of our chakra systems in order to improve general health and wellness. You may not be aware of it now, but harbored feelings and events from your adolescence could be causing greater health disturbances in the present and future.

In order to strengthen the root chakra, we must acknowledge the code of honor we have developed through life. Most importantly, we must first understand that familial beliefs are at the root of what grounds us. Often times we go through life adapting to the situations presented before us without understanding how deeply the energies affect our being in the present moment. A few self-examination questions from Caroline Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit” include:

  • What belief patterns did you inherit from your family?
  • Do you have a personal sense of honor? What is it?
  • Have you ever compromised your sense of honor? If so, have you taken steps to heal it?
  • Do you have unfinished business with your family members? If so, list the reasons that prevent you from healing your family relationships.
  • List all the blessing that you can feel came from your family.
  • What tribal traditions and rituals do you continue for yourself and your family?

The Sacred Truth related to the root chakra is “All is One.” This reminds us that we are all interconnected in the universe. We are never alone. Unfortunately, due to the current state of cultural and political affairs, we as a human race have never seemed more separated or disconnected. This is a threat to the energy of individuals, of the country, and the world. For example, standing in unity during our nation’s anthem, which was once a powerful act honoring our unity as one has been replaced with bitter debates and descent.

A country once prized for its unity and freedom has been overshadowed by feelings of discontent and disconnect. It does not have to be this way. Each of us has a responsibility to help make this world a place that we can all set our foundations and grow from without the feelings of discontent or disconnect.