Yes, Small Town Serving Is The Best

Yes, Small Town Serving Is The Best

Local is better.

When coming to Jacksonville State University, I was worried about two things: passing my classes after having extreme high school senioritis and paying for my place, far away from parental rules.

Applying for jobs is always nerve wracking. Not knowing whether you exaggerated your resume enough, whether your 'hopefully' future boss was not able to tell it was exaggerated, and thinking of how many Taco Tuesdays you will need to miss in order to save money for rent. There are not many immediate businesses in small towns, so it is given that every other person your age is applying to the same job as well. Thankfully, through my last three years of attending a university in my small town, I made many great friends who work at a local restaurant that set me up with an interview. Although, a few stigmas worried me:

When considering serving, I feared that college students would not tip because after all, we are all broke college students. I also knew during the summer months and holidays, dorm-living students are home bound. Even students with their own apartments and houses are headed home for family time and washing machines. So I assumed this meant that business would slow down which would reflect on my tips. After mentally processing everything, I knew I needed money nonetheless, and a job is a job. Thankfully, I learned quickly that I should have never worried.

In a small town restaurant, the customer experiences a slower pace than fast food and major restaurants which creates a better atmosphere. As a server, you can spend quality time with your customers and make their visit more enjoyable. This is a benefit because regulars are an important part of the success of the business (and the employees). Most of the time, the servers and customers even start to look forward to hearing how each other's weeks have been. I think everyone has experienced the fake smile and high pitched voice of a scripted server asking for a drink order. Whereas we are genuine, and are actually focused on the customers' happiness. I also learned that coworkers are friends, not fiends. My small town serving job has became my home away from home. This is my favorite part because everyone is family and we help each other with personal problems as well as work issues.

Therefore, if you have not experienced local cuisine, start driving and try something new!

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A Letter To My Go-To Aunt

Happiness is having the best aunt in the world.

I know I don't say it enough, so let me start off by saying thank you.

You'll never understand how incredibly blessed I am to have you in my life. You'll also never understand how special you are to me and how much I love you.

I can't thank you enough for countless days and nights at your house venting, and never being too busy when I need you. Thank you for the shopping days and always helping me find the best deals on the cutest clothes. For all the appointments I didn't want to go to by myself. Thank you for making two prom days and a graduation party days I could never forget. Thank you for being overprotective when it comes to the men in my life.

Most importantly, thank you for being my support system throughout the numerous highs and lows my life has brought me. Thank you for being honest even when it isn't what I want to hear. Thank you for always keeping my feet on the ground and keeping me sane when I feel like freaking out. Thank you for always supporting whatever dream I choose to chase that day. Thank you for being a second mom. Thank you for bringing me into your family and treating me like one of your own, for making me feel special because you do not have an obligation to spend time with me.

You've been my hero and role model from the time you came into my life. You don't know how to say no when family comes to you for help. You're understanding, kind, fun, full of life and you have the biggest heart. However, you're honest and strong and sometimes a little intimidating. No matter what will always have a special place in my heart.

There is no possible way to ever thank you for every thing you have done for me and will continue to do for me. Thank you for being you.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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A Love Letter To My Air Fryer

And why you would love an fryer too...


In a previous article, I wrote about how love to use for organizing things. I'm still loving Trello. I've haven't grown bored of it and stopped using it (like I have with some other organizational systems). This time, I'm going to share another item that I love, and it's for one of my favorite things, food! I finally gave in and bought an air fryer, and after my first use, I literally said that it's wonderful! I bought a small air fryer. It only holds about two quarts, but it's perfect for quick lunches.

I thought I'd love the air fryer if it could dry fry food with little to no oil, and it does just that. I'm also in love with the air fryer, because I could simply put the food in it, set the timer and live my life for a few minutes until the food is done. I don't have to stand over it and watch the food cook. That makes the air fryer a winner! Did I mention that it really does work?! Yes, it does work. Now, you could buy foods that are already breaded and throw them in the air fryer, but if you want to go the healthier route, you can use bread crumbs, flour, and eggs to make your own crispy coatings for your foods. Dipping your food in your own homemade batter cuts out some of the salt and added chemicals in the frozen pre-fried foods.

You can also fry foods that do not even need a homemade batter. Without using the batter, I've made sweet potato French fries and burritos in it. The tortilla for the burrito turned out nicely crispy, but I didn't leave it in the air fryer long enough for it to be crunchy. The sweet potato fries came out nice. I've tried making crispy chickpeas with Italian seasoning, but they weren't to my liking. However, I have loved everything else that I've made in the air fryer. Sometimes I just put a quick meal in it, just to re-heat it, since I don't use a microwave. I just think that using the air fryer is healthier than using microwaves, and I love that I don't need to put my food in a special box or anything for it to be really crispy. If you love fried chicken or fried fish, you'd love this little machine as much as I do!

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