Recently, I’ve seen more attention drawn to body positivity. However, I’ve noticed that most of the efforts to enforce body positivity are from those who encourage curvy women to feel comfortable in their skin.

Although I think this is awesome, I can't help but feel as if I (along with my skinny sisters) have been left out.

I am not a curvy woman. I have an hourglass shape but I’ve never been more than a size two in my entire life. This isn't a conscious choice I make, it's just the rate in which my body metabolizes food.

My friends and family rejoice when they lose ten pounds in one month, but as soon as I mention my elation at gaining two pounds, I'm instantly given groans and comments equated with "whatever."

Always being referred to as a "Skinny-Minnie" from friends and strangers alike, I've learned to just roll my eyes and let it roll off my back. I've taken verbal abuse from the rude and hurtful comments that are slung my way from those who have issues with my body.

I've been asked on so many occasions, "How much do you weigh?", and, "Girl, are you anorexic or something?". But don't you know how insulting it is to ask a woman her weight? Did you not see me stuffing my face full of chips and salsa then enchiladas and rice five minutes ago? Yet you still question my body and the way it looks.

I've been told, "Honey, you need to eat a cheeseburger" and "You need some meat on your bones; it'll give your man something to hold onto." But would you tell a woman who was overweight to step away from her cheeseburger? Would you tell her to lose weight so her man has a little bit less to hold onto? It's socially unacceptable to say these things, so what makes it okay to say it to a skinny woman?

Having my body be the topic of conversation on a regular basis takes its toll. I understand that I'm skinny, but my weight doesn't qualify as an interesting party subject. I'm not so oblivious to see when mean girls are standing in the corner looking me up and down with disgust or jealousy on their face.

I eat more than my boyfriend. Food makes me happy. I have a fast metabolism. However, I have no control over how my body reacts to the food I put in it. You wouldn't aim hateful comments to girls who gain extra weight by just eating normally, so why would you aim your hateful comments at me? How is it any different?

I'm allowed to love my body just how it is without feeling guilty for it; just as a girl with curves should be proud of what her momma gave her.

Society's standards are outrageous. But what's even more outrageous is the fact that us women are the ones carrying the torch and burning our sisters. Women are pressured by the media and society to be skinny, but not too skinny. We're supposed to be curvy, but not too curvy. We are judged based on genetics and nature-- something we have no control over.

So why is it that you can be proud of your curves and I can't be proud of my angles?

Why has society deemed that skinny girls are no longer beautiful and that "zero" is no longer a size? Because I can tell you from personal experience, zero is a size because it used to be mine. And why should I feel embarrassed or guilty for that? Just as a woman shouldn't be ashamed of her size 14 booty, why do I have to be about my size two?

I used to be embarrassed about my size (or, more accurately, lack of). Now I roll with the punches and take the comments as they come, but I shouldn't have to.

Ladies, be kind to one another. It's time we start building each other up instead of breaking us down.

Sincerely, a Seriously Fed-Up Skinny Girl