Nowadays there are so many artists creating different kinds of art: music, paintings, shows, dances, etc. With all the artist out there putting out content, there are of course some who aren't the best people. The question at hand is, should we be able to enjoy and appreciate the art that someone we don't like creates?

There are typically two sides to this. Some people believe that by enjoying the art of a controversial artist is supporting them which becomes unfair, while others believe that the art that this person supply is not them themselves.

I took a poll on my personal Instagram story asking people this question (of course this isn't the most reliable source but I was interested in seeing what my followers thought).

It came out to be that 60% of people said that art should be able to be separated, while 40% believed that it shouldn't be. I believe that if I were able to reach more people is would almost come out as a 50/50 answer.

I then asked my followers why they answered what they did. The answers were very interesting. Some quotes from this include:

(For NO) : "If you don't support them why give them money by listening to their (content)?"

"Some artists are problematic and receive monetary gain "

"Context is a critical part of interpreting art"

(for YES) : "Art should be appreciated either way. Who it comes from is only a fraction of it"

"Art is more about how you interpret it, less about how it was made"

"Creation should be judged by its own criteria, apart from the creator"

I think all of these answers are interesting and valid. Many others were indifferent saying it really depended on who it was and how controversial the artist is. I don't think there is a definite answer to this question but instead is up to each individual person. If you want to enjoy art, enjoy it. If you don't want to support the artist, don't. Nonetheless, we should not judge one another for wanting to enjoy art or wanting to abstain from supporting an artist, everyone is entitled to enjoy art as they do or do not please.