Finals week is the week we all wait for (and stress out about). It's the last week of the semester, and the last grade that you get in that class. You've been preparing for it all semester (hopefully!), and now here it is. For some people, it's a thin line between whether you pass or fail, and the final will determine that. For others, it's the difference between an A and a B. Regardless, finals week is super important. However, seniors and freshmen handle finals week differently. It's only natural that seniors, who have been seasoned with experience, understand finals week a bit differently than freshmen who have not yet lived through it.

Studying: Freshmen

You've been studying for the majority of the year. You kept notes during your classes, so you can read over those to help you prepare for the final. You're probably going to need to use sparknotes on that novel that you didn't really understand, though. You're going to be glued to your computer, textbooks, and notes until final weeks is over.

Studying: Seniors

You probably haven't looked at your textbook since the second week of class. Your notes are sporadic, and you've forgotten what your abbreviations mean. You've been faking it until you make it all semester, and now it's crunch time. You actually need to know these things for the final. You've got to cram a whole semester full of information into one night.

The Night Before a Final: Freshmen

You want to make sure you're well rested before your tests. Your memory will be better if you've gotten plenty of rest. You study until a reasonable hour, then climb into bed to make sure you get your recommended 6 to 8 hours and get up early enough to squeeze in a few extra minutes of review before the test.

The Night Before a Final: Seniors

You spend the entire night cramming and trying to learn something you were supposed to have already known weeks ago. You figure 2 to 3 hours is enough, as long as you get some sleep. You'll just drink a lot of coffee in the morning. It'll be fine, you hope.

During the Final: Freshmen

You're nervous, but you're confident that all of your studying will pay off. You're glad you got enough sleep last night, because you feel so alert and well focused. You're sure you're going to do well, or at least pass. But then, you look at the test and suddenly you don't remember a thing.

During the Final: Seniors

You have vague memories of seeing this information somewhere. That doesn't mean you know the answers. Just because you know of it doesn't mean you know it. You just cross your fingers and do your best, and hope you remember any of those things you stayed up reading last night.

After the Test: Freshmen and Seniors

The waiting is the hard part. You just want to know what you made, and put this semester behind you. You're tired of studying, and you're glad it's over, but you're nervous about what you made. Even if you feel like you did well, the pit of your stomach is filled with anxiety that you might have failed. I hope you pass!