Motivational Words On Finishing Out The Last Of College

4 Motivational Affirmations To Get You Through Your Last Home Stretch Of Senior Year In College

There is a lot of things and experiences you have endured within the last four years of your life.


Graduates, it is almost that time. The time where you will be walking across the stage onto your next chapter of life. Everything is about to move quickly and time waits for no one.

I am a senior as well and I cannot believe that in some weeks, I'll be a part of the alumni for my school. I have just a few encouraging and motivational words for everyone who is graduating this spring.

1. YOU did it!

You completed a huge milestone in your life. You have worked hard to get to this point. Don't let anyone make you feel any other way than happy because you deserve it. There is a lot of things and experiences you have endured within the last four years of your life. No one can take away your journey nor memories because they are now something that is valued. Remember, this diploma has your name on it, not everyone else's.

2. Celebrate yourself & your friends.

Time is ticking, which means you need to get to celebrating. There are more memories to be made while you're still at school. Enjoy these last few weeks you have with your friends. Life is about to start for everyone, whether it's continuing an education or entering the work field. Everything is about to change so taking time to spend with your friends to celebrate the achievements you all have earned is important.

3. Believe in yourself!

This point is very important. Please believe in yourself! I understand you may be doubting yourself, but don't. You have made it this far and you didn't make it this far to just make it this far. You are strong and capable of accomplishing anything that you put your mind too. You are receiving a degree that you have worked hard for within these last four years. Don't let life scare you into believing you aren't prepared for the next chapter. You will be great in anything that you do, because it is you and you are it.

4. Never give up.

You have had many setbacks and obstacles come into your life within these last four years. There will be many more obstacles to come in your way, but you cannot give up. You have to continue to fight through anything that is in your path. Life will not always work according to your plan, which makes it so beautiful. Think about everything you have made it through, which is a lot of sh*t. Life is what you make it, so make yours how you want.

Life is full of fruits. Apples, oranges, grapes, watermelons, pineapples and more. Fruit rots after time, but that's just it, don't let your fruit rot. Be the best you that you can be.

Be the person that you've always wanted to be. Embrace the changes you are about to endure because how you react is how you will display yourself as a person. Life is full of adventures, lessons, laughs, and joy. Let it be this way as you are entering the next chapter of life.

Graduation is coming and so are you into this big world.

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Dear Mom and Dad, You Don't Understand What College Is Actually Like In The 21st Century

I can skip class. I can leave early, and I can show up late. But, ya see, I am not doing that.

College is not what you think it is. I am not sitting in a classroom for six hours listening to a professor speak about Shakespeare and the WW2.

I am not given homework assignments every night and told to hand them in next class.

I do not know my daily grade for each of the five classes I am taking, and I don't know if my professor even knows my name.

College today is a ton different than how it was 20+ years ago.

I go to class for about maybe three hours a day. Most of my time working on "college" is spent outside of the classroom. I am the one responsible for remembering my homework and when my ten-page essay is due.

I can skip class. I can leave early, and I can show up late. But, ya see, I am not doing that. I am a responsible person, even if you do not think I am.

I do get up every morning and drive myself to class. I do care about my assignments, grades, my degree, and my career.

I spend a lot of time on campus having conversations with my friends and relaxing outside.

I am sick of older generations thinking that us millennials are lazy, unmotivated, and ungrateful. While I am sure there are some who take things for granted, most of us paying to get a degree actually do give a s**t about our work ethic.

Dear mom and dad, I do care about my future and I am more than just a millennial looking to just get by.

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlyn Moore

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To The High School Senior Nearing The End Of This Chapter, Feel Free To Look Back

Trust me, you're going to want to.


Right now you can't wait to leave. You can't wait for that fresh start, new friends, independence… the list is never-ending. But coming from someone two years removed from high school, please take it all in. Take in those last goofy times in class. All those fun car rides in the middle of the night with your friends where you laugh so hard you cry. Spending all day long with the friends you've known your whole life… remember how it feels in your heart. Enjoy graduation and take lots of pictures. Remember to always remain in the moment during all of these events. Don't let anything ruin it for you. That carefree feeling you have right now and will continue to have this summer will pass whether you believe it or not. Adulthood crawls in quicker than you think…

You will be left with the memories of what was, never to see or speak to so many people you once genuinely had so much fun with. High school is such a unique experience and I believe many of us take it granted because it is a necessity. We look at it as a chore because of mundane things like it being boring and having to wake up so early. In the moment we fail to see how fun it actually was. It is often only afterward that we realize just what we really had in those 4 years. Admittedly, I never thought I missed much of anything about high school, and I especially never thought I would. But here I am, two years later and I'm just realizing how easy I had it. High school was hard, but when I say the real world is harder, please take my words to heart. I am a firm believer that high school, in general, is a massive bubble.

Not to say that the bubble is bad. But the bubble will break, and it's more jarring to some than others. So don't let it impact you in a negative way, be prepared for its impact and conquer it! My point is, know that high school is not supposed to be the best four years of your life, but it is a time of your life where most people have the least worries, and that is something you can't get back. Worries and stress are subjective, so of course, we all thought our lives were over multiple times in high school, but we shortly realized that was not the case.

Your last teenage years should be taken in stride. Don't wish them away for older age, enjoy them. You'll never get them back, so you might as well stay in the moment.

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