Taking Selfies Might Help Your Mental Health
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Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You A Narcissist, It Actually Might Help You Love Yourself More

All in all, if you love to take selfies, don't think about people say, do what makes you happy and satisfied. Period.

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You may have heard about narcissism a million times by now. Most commonly, it's been characterized by an excessive admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance. Besides, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement is often described as symptoms of narcissism. Unfortunately, it is the most widely recognized approach to outline selfies in news and entertainment media, but summoning it includes throwing away a lot of insights regarding an individual's lived experiences. In fact, according to numerous studies, most selfie-takers blamed for narcissism don't really show these characteristics.

Some rare, individual cases of selfie misuse have been interpreted as some people who have narcissistic tendencies might be more likely to excessively post selfies than those who are mentally healthy which is NOT always the case. What frequently happens is that some moderate cases in regards to the correlation between people with narcissistic tendencies and selfie-taking gets streamlined and distorted for clickbait. Essentially, the suspicion behind calling selfies narcissist is that if you take a picture of yourself, you should think you are worthy of being seen.

For centuries, rich men had portraits painted of themselves and absurdly tall statues erected in their resemblance so how come people who take selfies become a narcissist? Consider it. Frequently, young people and women whose selfie methods are disparaged as narcissistic. The belief that young women's selfie methods are narcissistic could be viewed as fundamental concern about them abruptly neglecting the traditional watchmen of perceptibility. When young girls no longer need the supervisory mediation of an influential man with a modeling agency, the civil system is shaken.

The judgment of narcissism depends on the presumption that other individuals, social norms and organizations have the right to choose if you are worthy of looking at. To take it further, we could even say that the consumer economy flourishes on people, women, in particular, not being self-satisfied. Cosmetics and gym memberships are strong evidence of it. All in all, if you love to take selfies, don't think about people say, do what makes you happy and satisfied. Period.

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