Selfie Poses That Will Take Your Squad Pictures To The Next Level
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Selfie Poses That Will Take Your Squad Pictures To The Next Level

Believe in your #selfie.

Selfie Poses That Will Take Your Squad Pictures To The Next Level

Your squad and you love to take photos. Whether it is a selfie or a perfected candid, it is always a good night when you get that Insta-worthy photo. Luckily, the Jenner and Kardashian family has perfected the photography game. After seeing numerous people try to recreate their own versions of these celebrity's poses, here are fool-proof beginner poses that you and your friend group can recreate.

The Classic Selfie

Requirements: High quality front camera, good lighting.

Recommendations: Have someone take a photo of you while taking a selfie. The angle will help it look less posed and more candid.

The Black and White Selfie

Requirements: Good front camera, long arm.

Recommendations: Selfie stick or self timer.

Outcome: Flawless looking skin, natural contouring of the black and white shadowing.

The Prop Selfie

Requirements: Third friend to take photo. Have at least five props to work with.

Recommendations: Take at artsy location such as coffee shop, city, park, or museum. Order at least three different kinds of caffeinated drinks to be included in the photo.

The Throw Back #tbt

Requirements: Rummaging through your parents photo books, scanner so you can get the photos high quality on your computer, matching outfits, matching hair style.

Recommendations: Choose photos before or after the peak of the awkward stage. Post anytime on thursday.

The Artsy Selfie

Requirements: Good front camera, long arm.

Recommendations: Wear edgy makeup, minimize smiling, use unexpected camera angles.

Outcome: Magazine worthy photos.

The Body Selfie

Requirements: Cute bikini, open cardigan, heavy bracelets, bathroom mirror with accent paint job and mosaic walls.

Recommendations: Take in good lighting, arch back, do not include face in photo, twirl hair with one hand on your hip.

Post Workout Selfie

Requirements: Gym, gym mirror, cute boys for the background *do not include the faces of the boys*.

Recommendations: lay on side with legs crossed and arm propping you up. If not taking the photo, keep arm on hip. Only wear a sports bra and leggings. Do not workout until after the photo is taking to avoid looking sweaty or blotchy.

Comfortable Selfie

Requirements: Matching PJs, couch, two sets of windows.

Recommendations: wear minimal makeup, match PJs with equally as matched white sneakers, have at least one friend hold up a peace sign, make sure no more than two friends are looking at the camera, have one friend wear sunglasses.


Requirements: Selfie stick, hair that is at least good length.

Recommendations: Use mirror to help perfect desired hair shape.

Outcome: Over three million likes and 156 thousand comments, if done correctly.

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