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To the girl struggling to find her self-worth,

|ˈˌself ˈwərTH |


confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect.

To the girl struggling to find her self-worth,

We've all been there.

Lying in bed at night with questions drifting in your brain. "Did I look good in those shorts I wore earlier? Do I wear too much makeup? Should I start wearing my hair different? Am I on the right path in life? Am I good enough for anyone?" You feel stuck, lost, like you're in a slump, or ready to just give up. You're trying to think what it would be like to be the girl that doesn't have these problems because she's living the perfect life. She has the ideal body, perfect hair, perfect teeth, flawless skin, and clothes that come straight from a magazine (do people still read those?) But, who's to say that the girl you just pictured, isn't reading this and thinking the same thing about another girl?? Let's just bite the bullet and say that every girl has some sort of insecurity; whether it be that mole under her right eye, that birthmark on her chest, the scars on her arms, her lopsided boobs, or the extra weight in her stomach or thighs. That same thing that you are looking at her wishing you had, could be the one thing that she is insecure about.

Face it, girls are hard on themselves (like really harsh), but it's not all our fault. Society is KILLING girls (literally), and it's only going to keep getting worse. Us girls have to start realizing that we are so different and unique and THAT is what makes us each beautiful. Only 1% of girls in the world actually fit that "perfect" mold. That means 124.6 MILLION girls just in the U.S. will be turned away if they want to model. Sickening, isn't it? I'm here to remind you, beautiful, that thousands and thousands of other girls are wishing they had something that you have, which could be the one thing you hate about yourself.

If a man were to walk up to a woman and call her fat, ugly, stupid, worthless, or even slutty, he would not only lose a TON of respect from the people around him, he would get a swift right hand from yours truly. But why do we call ourselves these words and get away with it?

I'm here to encourage you to strut that bathing suit that you love, to wear that dress that makes you feel like a million dollars, and to slap on that makeup that makes you feel like a rockstar, because self-worth means "confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect" NOT the respect or opinion of others.

""If you're serious about changing your life, you'll find a way. If you're not, you'll find an excuse."

-Jen Sincero, "You Are a Badass"

If you were to take one small thing away from reading this, it's this: start looking at that mole under your right eye, or that birthmark on your chest, or the scars on your arms, or your lopsided boobs, or the extra weight in your stomach or thighs as the features that make you unique and beautiful beyond belief.

Stay kind.

Love, a girl with the same thoughts.

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