Get Your Nails Done, Girl

As a young woman trying to find her way in this world, one of the most important things I need to have is self confidence. Self confidence comes in many different forms for many women, but nevertheless, no one succeeds without it. You need self confidence because it is the foundation of everything you are going to do. if you don't believe in yourself with anything you are doing, you will fail. If you don't believe in yourself, who else will?

For me, feeling put together is the very first step to feeling self confident. Doing the inside work, you know clearing out your subconscious, trying anything to find that hope inside, takes a while. Before you find yourself 15 self help books deep (cough cough, me) try getting your nails, hair, and teeth in order. I promise, the holy trifecta to being out together and feeling self confident, is in fact having good hair, nails and teeth.

Let's start with a disclaimer: I am not saying every single woman needs to send insane amounts of money at the dentist, hair salon, or nail place. All I am saying is put a little more effort into your daily routine. Make sure your nails are cut to all of the same length, filed and clean. Make sure your hair is brushed and fly-aways are at bay. use a whitening strip or chew on a piece of gum.

I have never felt better in my whole life than the first time I treated myself to s spa day. Coming out of the salon with roots that matched the rest of my hair, ballet slipper gel on my nails, I was unstoppable. It takes away the pressure of people judging you. I will be the first one to be honest, we all judge each other. If I am talking to someone in class or meeting a friends new girlfriends I look at the first three things, you guessed it: nails, hair, teeth. These little things show me how much a person actually cares about themselves and how they want the world to see them.

I want to surround myself with people like me. People that want to boost themselves up, do the most, and succeed. If that means using little superficial tricks to do the job, so be it. How you see yourself isn't always how the world sees you, but if you present yourself in a better light, the world will see you that way too.

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