We all know self-care is important. We've heard it time and time again, 'take time for yourself'. More often than not though, I find the times where I am really stressed and probably need self care the most, to be the times where I don't feel like I have enough, well, time to practice self-care.

Here are some ideas that are just 20 minutes or under

1. A hot bath 

Hot bath. Candles. Music. No phone, just take 20 minutes to relax for yourself.

2. Drinking coffee/tea 

Seriously, even going as far to splurge on your favorite drink at Starbucks and just taking 20 minutes to sit there and drink it.

3. Music 

Making a twenty minute playlist to listen to is perfect because you won't have to stress about time if you know the pkaylist is twenty minutes.

4. Driving 

Sometimes just escaping the environment that you are stressed in is enough to help you recharge. It's especially useful if you can listen to some bops while you drive.

5. A power nap 

Twenty minutes is actually the perfect time for a power nap because it will allow to rest and refuel without disrupting your sleep cycle.

6. Calling a friend 

Sometimes being stressed can put us into a human interaction bubble. Calling a friend you haven't seen in a while just to chat can help recharge us emotionally.

7. Light reading 

Reading a book for enjoyment is the perfect way to keep your brain stimulated while taking a rest.

8. Walking.

Walking. Not for excersise but just to simply stroll around and get fresh air.

Remember, self-care is not an excuse to flake on your responsibilities or just scroll through your phone for hours on end. When done right, self-care can actually increase productivity by bringing you a sense of calmness and tranquilness amidst all the stress. When you're stressing about so many things, it's important to make yourself a priority as well. You deserve it.