An Open Letter To The Second Semester High School Senior
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To Every Second Semester High School Senior, I Wish Someone Told Me THIS

You're going to miss this.

To Every Second Semester High School Senior, I Wish Someone Told Me THIS
Julia Metivier

Welcome to your last semester of high school, ever. Is that exciting to read?

You made it.

You got through the nights you thought you wouldn't. You got through college applications. You got through the high school drama and now you're here. One semester left. Four months to be exact until you run out of that school for the very last time.

I know it seems like nothing can stop you. It feels like you are on top of the world, but before wishing it was May— just remember a couple of things.

First and foremost be grateful for your high school and hometown. I know it is hard to look back and be thankful for your hometown or your high school, but please try and do so. Look back and realize that this school and town gave you so many opportunities that you have not even realized yet.

Look back and realize all the people around you have always been in your corner (whether it seems like that or not).

Remember that the people around you saw you at your worst and still encouraged you to be the best. Be grateful for all those memories this town gave you from Friday Night Lights to Founders Day. Be grateful for the fact this town has been your constant; you know where the cops are late at night, you know when to go to the grocery store based on the time, and you know which Dunkin' Donuts serves the best coffee.

Just be grateful.

Second, enjoy the journey.

The next six months of your life are going to be crazy; you choose your college, you take your last high school classes and you start the process of graduating. We have all been there, and when it is two a.m. and your acceptance letters are all over the floor and you just cannot decide where to spend the next four years, take a step back and realize that at that moment a year from then, you will know, and everything will work itself out.

These next six months will fly at you and before you know it all the dances, rehearsals and goodbyes will be done and all you will have is yourself and your future. Enjoy those nights of not knowing what is coming next, enjoy all of those "lasts" and most importantly make them all something to remember (those pictures are the ones you hang in your dorm).

And lastly, please remember, if nothing else, you have so many people standing behind you and you can do this.

I know it may seem like those high school teachers are yearning to push you all out the door, but trust them when they say they want what is best for you. Know and understand your parents have been there since day one and want nothing more than to see you succeed and move on but this is hard for them too - give them that extra second when they are hugging you as you rush out the door. And please know that the entire town supports you and wants you to succeed, no one is out there hoping you fail.

These next six months are a journey, but enjoy every moment and be present. These are the days you will want back someday. You're going to miss this.


The senior who needed this

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