Sometimes You Meet Your Best Friends When You Least Expect It
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They Tell You That You'll Find Love When You're Least Expecting it, But The Same Works For Friendships

2nd time's the charm.

They Tell You That You'll Find Love When You're Least Expecting it, But The Same Works For Friendships
Andi Mazzarella

Everyone says that the people you meet in college will become your lifelong friends, and until I got here, I never knew how true that was. Not only have I been fortunate enough to find some of these people, but I have also been able to discover a second meaning to what I've commonly heard.

What people really mean when they say this is that the people you bond with at your university will basically become a second family.

Don't get me wrong, you meet friends during your high school years that you could end up being friends with for many years to come, but they're nothing like the bonds you create at college. You have to live with these friends, eat with them, study with them, go out with them, and deal with the difficulties of life with them.

You don't think about it at first, but because of all of this, the people you once called your friends, seem to become a bit more than that.

When I first came to school, I was off to a bit of a rough start. I wasn't bonding well with my roommates and found myself going home a decent amount throughout the first semester. To be honest, I just generally wasn't enjoying the first couple of months of my college experience.

Even though I struggled, I made it through till the end of my fall semester, but I wasn't looking forward to coming back to finish out the spring.

Arriving back on campus after winter break, I began to battle with myself over what to do to fix my unfortunate roommate situation, and after way too much consideration, I decided I needed a "new home" at college; I applied for a room change and soon after, switched dorm rooms.

I cannot thank me enough for this decision.

Upon getting approved to switch rooms, I decided to take a step outside of my comfort zone and move into a random room with two complete strangers. Obviously, because of this, I now found myself super nervous about how the rest of my freshman year would play out.

Having moved from a room where I honestly didn't feel welcome, I was completely shocked when my new roommates pulled me out of my room the first night and told me that they expected to form a close friendship with me and could hopefully provide me with a place that feels more at home.

From that night forward, I knew I had unknowingly found two girls that would become my college family. On top of that, I was soon introduced to their close friend who we basically have labeled as our fourth roommate.

The four of us have had many nights staying up late, having dance parties and singing obnoxiously loud (sorry to the room next to us if you've heard One Direction playing at 2 a.m.), discussing life issues way too late into the night, taking care of each other while we cry over how stressed we are because of school work or just life in general, and experiencing the ups and downs of college as a group of 4 confused girls.

Like I said before, I never understood the true meaning of what people were saying they would tell me college is where you form lifelong friendships. It wasn't until I met these three girls that I was able to understand that you actually do start to form a second family away from home.

1. Cole Sprouse

2. Noah Centineo 

3. Shawn Mendes

4. Avan Jogia 

5. Jonas Brothers

6. Zayn Malik

8. Michael B. Jordan 

9. Ross Lynch

10.  Christiano Ronaldo 

11. Chris Evans 

12. Drake 

15. Big Sean 

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