We've all been in a situation in our lives where we've felt like we were a second choice. For a job, a relationship, even a friendship. But there's always a girl that feels like that all the time - no matter how hard she tries, no matter what she does, there is ALWAYS something or someone better. This is for you.

You're aware of what is happening. You are sitting there with your phone on the table, waiting for the text that won't come to your phone. You have done the thing that people have warned you not to do. You have all your hope and desires for that one person. You never thought you would be waiting.

I believe something indescribable happens when we fall for someone. It feels like we are actually falling and losing our grasp on everything and everyone around us. We always talk about how love can make someone crazy, and it definitely can. And if this person that you are falling for puts you as a second choice, it can tear you up inside.

When we allow this to happen, we are just letting someone dictate your worth. And trust me when I say, I completely understand. There can be times when we let love repress us so much that we are willing to let bad things happen. For example, when someone is in an abusive relationship. The person that is being abused is blindsided because the can't accept the fact that the person they love would do such a terrible thing.

But you deserve someone who feels the fire for you like you do for them. It's not enough being the understudy just waiting for your moment to shine. Even when you do such an amazing job of convincing yourself that everything is just fine but in reality it's not. You need to know your worth and know that your perfect match is out there. They will love you unconditionally no matter what.