Screaming Females "All At Once" Is The Rock Album You Need To Hear

Screaming Females "All At Once" Is The Rock Album You Need To Hear

"Screaming Females" comes through with their 7th album "All At Once", an album that grabs you by the ears and shreds in your face

Guitar driven rock music has gone from being one of the main arteries of the cultural music landscape to being something more like the appendix- it's there, but its function and necessity have been long since forgotten. It's sorta not 'important' anymore. And it's not even solely in the mainstream, radio music sense that rock and the various genres under its umbrella have fallen off- even in the underground, indie scenes, the well of rock music is mostly dry, when it comes to pushing the envelope, to blazing the trail ahead and making music that feels fresh. There are some great groups out there that are guitar heavy, like "King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard" (real name), but they're bands whose sound is throwback focused, is aping older musical styles and ideas. Guitar music is at a bit of a stand still.

And there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, either. Guitar music has long dominated the music landscape, has had an integral place every decade. Rock music can take a break, can let other styles of music have their time to shine. And it's no big secret that hip hop and rap are shining as genres perhaps now more than ever, have come to rule the roost, both in the mainstream and the underground. This new prominence has birthed some of the most amazing new artists and groups producing tunes today, people like "JPEGMAFIA", "Kendrick Lamar", "Rapsody", "Death Grips", 'BROCKHAMPTON", "Danny Brown", just to name a few. Rap, hip hop, and all the tree branch-genres snaking off of it are going through a sort of creative metamorphosis, an explosive period of innovation and experimentation that's birthed some wild, game changing stuff.

All this preamble is to say that while rock music is going through a lull, a damn good rock record came out, a real diamond in the rough. That record is Screaming Females "All At Once". Don't sleep on it.

Screaming Females are a New Jersey band that sticks hard to their D.I.Y. roots from its early days in basement show scene in Jersey. They maintain the same raw, frenetic energy they've had on all their records, feeling like some intense, jagged mix of "Dinosaur Jr", "Sleater Kinney", and even "The Cranberries" at times. The true selling point for me of Screaming Females though is their lead guitarist/vocalist, Marissa Paternoster. Obviously a band is a band is a band, its never just one person, it takes a village, etc. But gosh dang, is Marissa a fantastic fronter to an electrifying group. She shreds, dude. Check this cover they group did of "Shake It Off". The power she wields in a single guitar is overwhelming. So much so that "Spin Magazine" named her 77th greatest guitarist of all time. And that was only back in 2012, before 2015's fantastic "Rose Mountain", and more pressingly, their newest record "All At Once".

So the actual record "All At Once" is a 15 track, razor sharp 45 minute sprawl of punk, indie and experimental sounds, punctuated of course by some amazing guitar work. The record kicks off with the fantastic, brooding tune of "Glass House", a song with this hypnotic riff that slinks repetitively through the track, before exploding into this outro jam session, where Marissa bellows:

"My life in this glass house

Impossible to get out"

Which is a trait of Marissa's, and "Screaming Females" in general, that should not be overlooked- Marissa's yelping, bellowing singing voice, which like her guitar work, seems too powerful for her body to contain, threatens to explode out of her. It probably isn't for everyone- their cover of Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy" might be the perfect testing ground for first time listeners in regards to Marissa's voice. It's different- it's powerful, and it's passionate, and if you take it for what it is, you'll see the raw beauty of it. Especially in tracks like "Black Moon" and "I'll Make You Sorry".

"All At Once" is a high energy, visceral record, but it has its quieter, emotionally captivating moments too, like on "Deeply", a somber, indie rock flavored track, where Marissa sings:

"Play for me that song that you wrote hysterically loud

And lie to me cause I figured it out

I figured you out

I fall so deeply"

Give this album a try. Screaming Females is a group that has maintained a steady output for a decade, and seem to only be getting better and better as the years go by. While probably not some trailblazing, 'save-rock'n'roll' kind of record, "All At Once" is a catchy, fun, and emotional piece of music, one I can't seem to stay for away from these days. And at a breezy 45~ minutes, it's not too much a time commitment to sit down with a pair of headphones and let the album take you for a ride.

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Defending Game Of Thrones Season 8

Warning: The Night is dark and full of spoilers


So unless you've been living under a rock on Mars you've very likely heard of the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones," which is based off the popular fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin. While he is clearly an amazing writer and a genius for creating the world of Westeros. But he takes a really long time to write his books. He wrote the first "Game of Thrones" book back in 1996, and now, 23 years later, only five of the seven books are out and we have no idea when book six is coming (though it should have come out two years ago). So when the show concluded its fifth season they were out of books and the show runners were left on their own. Well not completely on their own, they got some notes from Martin on how he planned the ending, but for the most part they're making up their own things.

So it's no surprise that there are some fans that aren't happy with the way things have played out during the later seasons, that the show runners are disrespecting the world and the story Martin created. Admittedly there are some valid points, the writing on the show has a completely different feel to it now that the books no longer directly influence it. The show feels less grounded than it did before and characters seemed to have suddenly gained the ability to teleport. How else do you explain how journeys that once took at least five episodes to make are now down to five minutes. But I don't think it's fair to completely trash on the show. I personally have really enjoyed this season.

There's a lot of points I can make in defending season 8, but there's one I want to specifically focus on, and that's the battle of Winterfell in episode three. Many were upset not just because the lighting was bad and we couldn't see what was going on, but because the battle with the White Walkers happened too soon. That this is what the series has been building up to and it shouldn't have been wasted in one episode.

This is another valid point, the White Walkers were a threat introduced in the first scene in the first episode. They're the greatest threat to the realm, making the political games everyone's been playing look like children fighting in the sand box. As of now, the Night King is dead and Cersi is still a threat to be defeated.

I do agree that the White Walkers should have been the big final battle of the series, but I do understand why Cersi is the final boss in the show. Way back in season one we were drawn into the show for all the politics and the drama going on in King's Landing. We were all asking the big question: who was gonna sit on the Iron Throne in the end?

The final fight in King's Landing is fitting for a show titled "Game of Thrones" makes sense because solving the problem of who's gonna rule the seven kingdoms matches the title. "A Song of Ice and Fire" sound like an epic fantasy saga. So my guess is that the books will end with the big fight between the White Walkers and mankind, because it matches the tone that the title of the series gives.

If you're not happy with the direction the show is taking, fear not. The ending of the book series hasn't been revealed yet. I have a feeling Martin might be holding out on us, waiting until the show ends before giving us his version of the ending.


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